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drawstring backpack pattern

Easy Drawstring Backpack

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Thread The Cording To Create Drawstrings

5. Cut two 64" pieces of cording. Zig-zag or straight stitch across each end, close to the end (this helps prevent fraying). Lay down the bag, still inside out. Take one 64" piece of cording and pin one end to outer edge of the bottom bag piece, close to the bottom left hand corner. The cut edge of the cording should be toward the outer edge of the bag piece. Stitch across the cording, close to the edge to secure the cord end in place.
back pack drawstring

6. Run the cord up through the inside of the bag and out the top of the bag. cord at top of bag

7. Run the cord through the top layer casing from the left side, through the casing and on out the right side. Push the cord in short bursts. If you have trouble, attach a safety pin to the end of the cord and feed it through the same way you would pull elastic through a casing. I found that short bursts worked well. cord at top of bag

8. Run the cord through the bottom layer casing from the right side, through the casing and on out the left side. The photo on the right shows the cord coming out of the right side of the upper casing and feeding into the right side of the bottom casing. cord at end

9. Pull the cord down through the inside of the bag and place the end just above the first end. Stitch into place. Stitch back and forth a couple of times for added strength. cord at end

10. Stitch the remaining open area of the side seam.

11. Repeat with the opposide side of the bag, threading the cord in reverse. Start at the lower right corner, bring the cord up through the inside of the bag, through the upper casing from the right to the left, around and through the lower casing from the left to the right, out the right side of the lower casing and back down through the bag to the lower right corner. Stitch the remaining open area of the second side.

12. Stitch across the bottom of the bag and turn the bag right side out.
finished bag without letters

13. Create letters using a text program, or purchase letter cut-outs. Trace the letters onto the right side of the insignia cloth, or print the letters in reverse and trace them onto the wrong side of the cloth. Cut out the letters. Peel off the backing and place the letters onto the bag. create letters

The insignia cloth does not provide a permanent bond. The letters can be repositioned after placement. The cloth is easy to work with and provides a strong stick, but can be pulled off if a letter is carefully peeled away. If you want a permanent bond, use fabric glue or iron on adhesive and fabric of your choice, or satin stitch (or use other decorative stitch) around each letter.

We chose insignia cloth because it is quick and easy to use, provides a good hold and doesn't require ironing.

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