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grubby star ornament

Grubby Prim Star
Scented Ornament

Pattern & instructions included

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This sewing project was generously donated by and printed here with permission. You may use it for your personal use only.

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Make A Grubby Prim Star Ornament

Making a grubby ornament whether for the holidays or any time of year is fun and only takes a short while to finish. Painting and stuffing are two parts of this craft project kids love to participate in. The paint used is non-toxic, so it is safe to let children join in and share the fun.

What you will need:

* 1 primitive star template/pattern no bigger than 6 x 6
* 2 7-8 inch square of muslin
* A few flat paint brushes also known as "brights" 1/2 inch
wide or greater or other paint applicator.
* One fan paint brush
* Folk Art brand acrylic paint. Colors: #649 Warm White,
#602 Country Twill, #940 Coffee Bean
* Cookie sheet
* Paint rags & old jar/container
* Fragrance oil**
* Poly Fill or other filler
* Cotton embroidery thread & needle for finishing
* 1 inch rusty Tin Heart or other decorative accent**



A star pattern is provided by as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to  PDF Instructions.

Download Star Pattern - pdf file


Step One: Trace star pattern onto one of the muslin squares.

Step Two: Overlay muslin squares with edges matched up in preparation for sewing, making sure the pattern is on top facing you. Pin squares in place if needed.

Step Three: Straight stitch on machine or by hand following the pattern outline, leaving about 1 1/2 inches left open somewhere between the bottom two points. Cut out star 1/4 inch from seam.

Step Four: Set up paints, rags, and container of water in preparation for painting.

Step Five: If scenting your ornament, set aside a few drops of fragrance oil in a small dish or container.

Step Six: Turn your sewn ornament inside out through the open hole and lay flat onto the cookie sheet for painting. (I use a cookie sheet with a lip around it so no water or paint gets on the table)

Step Seven: Ah, time to paint. Start with your base color: Warm White. Paint front and back sides this color, making sure to get the seams too. When satisfied with the color saturation, Add quick splashes of Country Twill here and there to give it that aged grubby look. Do this to both sides. If you want an even grubbier look, add some Coffee Bean colored paint or even a burnt sienna to some of the points and inside the seams.

Painting Notes: You will want to thin out your paints
with water to brush the colors on. The paint in this craft is
used more like a stain. Keep in mind though that this is
the creative part, so there's no right or wrong way to do
it. What's important is to play with the paints and have
fun with it. Stop when it looks right to you.

*If you are scenting your ornie, dip your fan brush into the oil. Wipe any excess off on the rim or your container. Lightly brush oil over both sides of your painted ornament.

Step Eight: After you have finished painting, lift your ornament from the sheet and set out flat to dry. Lay it out on a surface that is easy to clean or disposable.

Step Nine: Once the ornie is dry, carefully prod open with a stuffing tool-- I use hemostats for prying and stuffing. Then stuff.

Step Ten: Carefully fold the edges of the opening in to close the seam. Close with a blanket stitch and continue blanket stitching around entire outer edge of the ornament.

Step Eleven: Sitch a loop onto the back of the ornament if you wish to hang it.

Step Twelve: Using Fabric or other crafters glue, add a 1 inch rusty tin heart to the center of your star. Stitching a homespun bow is another cute and quick option.

Voila! You're done! Now you have a lovely handcrafted ornament perfect for hanging, stuffing or, when accented with a prim tag, gift giving! Enjoy!

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