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Curtain Panel For Metal Door

sewing pattern: no drilling necessary

before curtain door curtain


Fully Lined With Casings
No Drilling Needed

Magnetic brackets to hold the curtain bars and an easy to make panel are the perfect solution for a metal door with a large window. This curtain panel is quick to make, yet filters light on a hot summer day. The magnetic brackets hold the curtain up, without the need to drill into the door.

MEASURE YOUR WINDOW / Determine Fabric Size
Decide where you want your curtain bars to be. I placed mine just above the upper window trim and just below the lower window trim. This way, the window and its trim would be completely covered. Measure between these two points. Write down the number and label it "window length". My window length was 66". See the diagram on the right.

Measure the width of your window, including the window trim. Write down this number and label it "window width". My window width was 21". See the diagram on the right.

Compute the following:
Multiply your window length by 2. (i.e. 66 x 2 = 132)

Add 1/2 inch to this measurement (for seam allowance). (i.e. 132 + .5 = 132.5)

Add 1 inch to this measurement (to allow for wrapping around bars). (i.e. 132.5 + 1 = 133.5)

Write down your final number and label it "fabric length". I rounded up, so my fabric length was 134 inches.

Double your window width. (i.e. 21 x 2 = 42)

Write down this number and label it "fabric width".
measure door


I needed a piece of fabric that was 42" wide. I chose white 100% cotton from our fabric store. It is 44"-45" wide - perfect (a couple of extra inches in width is fine). To determine the yardage needed, I divided the overall length by 36" (the number of inches in one yard). In my case, I needed 3.72 yards (134/36 = 3.72). I rounded up to 3.75 yards.

NOTE: I prewashed my fabric. It only shrunk a couple of inches in length and width. I wanted to be able to machine wash and dry my curtain in the future and didn't want to worry about it shrinking later. I made sure that, after washing, my piece was 3.75 yards. Your piece of fabric should measure the same width as your "fabric width" determined above, and the same length as your "fabric length" determined above. In my case, my fabric piece was 3.75 yards by 44 inches wide.


1. Fold hem under along both long sides 1/4". Press with iron. Do not stitch at this time.

2. Fold the fabric, right sides together, across the width. Line up all edges. Measure your piece to be sure it is cut straight (i.e. the length on one side is the same as the length on the other side).

3. Stitch across open end, using 1/4" seam allowance. See diagram on right.
stitch end

4. Turn curtain right side out. Place on floor (or other large, flat surface). Seam should be on one end. Using a large sewing ruler (or other long straight edge), draw a line 1" from edge, along each end. This will mark your casings. If you have a large rod, you might need to make a larger casing. Do this by drawing the line more than 1" from the edge.

5. Stitch across both ends, following the lines you drew. See red stitch lines on diagram on right.

6. Line up edges of both layers on each long side. Pin. Stitch down each long side, 1/8" or so from edge. DO NOT STITCH IN CASING AREA. Stitch only between the two previous stitch lines. See blue stitch lines on diagram on right.
final stitching
You now have a fully lined curtain. Slip the rods through the casings and hang your new door panel curtain.

magnetic bracket
Close up of magnetic bracket.
These are really nice because they can easily be repositioned.

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