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custom bulletin board

Bulletin Board

Featuring the ColdHeat
Glue Gun

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Project Artist: Aleah Sherrod
Featuring theColdHeat Glue gun

Fabric covered cork, ribbons and pockets. Attach items with push pins, slide under ribbon or place in pockets. A poster frame provides backing and frame.

The lightweight, cordless glue gun was donated by the ColdHeat company so that we could test it on a project and provide a review. We are not in any way affiliated with the ColdHeat company and we were not paid or in any other way compensated for the review. Visit the ColdHeat website.

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ColdHeat Glue Gun Review

The gun was light-weight and easy to handle. It came partially charged. After about 5 minutes of use, it needed to be re-charged. Recharging takes a few hours, so I used that time to prepare my project.

The glue flowed smoothly and easily. Once dry, it held fast. On a test piece, the cork could not be pulled loose from the cardboard it was glued to. I was very happy with the strong bond.

It works at a low heat, so I didn't have to worry about burns. I used about 3.5 glue sticks for this project (which were included in the box).

The glue is very fast-drying. This means that I had to work quickly. When working on a large area, I found that I needed to glue a small area at a time. It was not possible to glue the entire perimeter of the board at once; the glue was drying before I finished laying down the glue.

I loved the fact that the glue gun was cordless. The glue gun heated up quickly (just a minute or two) - another plus.

Overall, I was very happy with the glue gun.

Supplies Required (make changes to dimensions as needed for your project)

18" x 24" poster frame (with cardboard backing)
Glue gun (such as the ColdHeat Glue Gun)
Three pieces of fabric for small side pockets, each cut 6" wide by 5.5"
One piece of fabric for large, lower pocket, cut 16.5" wide by 5.5"
Cork roll (large enough to cover your poster cardboard)
1/8" ribbon in two colors
Thread (or fusible tape if using no-sew method)
Decorative items such as flowers, letters, buttons, etc.

Other Supplies
Newspaper or paper towel to protect your work area
Cutting board and rotary cutter (x-acto knife or scissors also works)

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