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free Christmas gift tag instruction

Gift Tags
Holiday & Special Occasion

Christmas, Holiday & Other Occasions

create gift tags from wrapping paper
the gift tag coordinates with the package


Dress up your gifts with tags that match the paper. Add bows and ribbons and other decor to create a beautiful package.

Supplies Needed

Christmas wrapping paper with images suitable for cutting out. I got a HUGE roll for a very reasonable price at Costco. Quantity depends on how many tags you wish to make. Count the images on an area of paper to determine how much paper you will need. Each image equals one tag.

1 yard* of fusible web (I used Heat N Bond Lite)
* approximate amount - depends on how many tags you wish to make.

NOTE: Spray on adhesive or double sided tape is safer for little helpers. Fusible web is convenient for adults when cutting from large sheets of paper. It adds a bit of body to the paper and your paper will be smooth (no glue showing through or making the paper bumpy). It also speeds up the process. Instead of adding glue to each little piece, the web is attached to a large area. The small areas are cut from the paper and can then be ironed. I ironed several tags in just a few moments.

Glue or double sided tape (for card stock)

Card stock or construction paper in varying sizes.

Other embellishments (optional: glitter, paint, crayons, buttons, ribbon etc.)

Cut a piece of wrapping paper containing images you want to use and an equal size piece of fusible web.

Following instructions for your fusible web, iron fusible web to the wrong side of your wrapping paper. The paper side of the web is against your iron. Cut out your images. Peel off the fusible web paper.

Cut pieces of card stock to fit your wrapping paper images plus space around the edges for writing your greetings. These pieces will become your tags. Cut smaller pieces of card stock in complimentary colors to embellish your tags. Assemble any other embellishments you wish to add. Apply pieces of double sided tape to wrong side of the smaller pieces of cardstock and then adhere these smaller pieces to the front side of your tags.

Place your wrapping paper image over the top of your tag and press with iron following the directions on your fusible web (be sure to peel off paper backing first).

Use double sided tape, glue or ribbon (punch a hole in the tag to pass ribbon through) to attach your beautiful tags to your packages.

NOTE: I used a double sided paper. The navy backgrounds with snowmen was the WRONG side in this case.

free gift tag
press fusible web to
WRONG side of image
free gift tag
Peel off paper
from fusible web
free gift tag
Press image
to card stock

free gift tag instructions Gift Bags
This same method works well for adhering cut-outs from wrapping paper to paper bags - a great way to create bags for home made cookies and other gifts.

Gift tag matches wrapping paper on package.

Also see: Sticker Gift Bags: Scan images and turn into stickers for bag decorating.

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