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Chapter 9
Business Resources

By Christina Sherrod

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Whether just starting or already running a business, these resources can be extremely helpful.

Remember that your business is changing and evolving, and you must keep up with market trends, current laws, and the changing needs of your business.

Please read our disclaimer and Terms before reading this book.

Government Sites

IRS Publications  Publications on personal and business income tax requirements, employee taxes, accounting for tax purposes and more.

US Department of Justice US Immigration Law

US Department of Labor Laws and information regarding occupational safety, unemployment, health care benefits, minimum wage etc.


Do It Yourself Trademark    To build a brand name for your business, you need a registered trademark. The entire process can be expensive, but it need not be. This informative article teaches you how to create a logo and submit an application to have your mark registered. You can save money by doing the work yourself. The US government provides all necessary forms online. The author obtained two separate registered trademarks and did it on her own. You can too.

Running A Business: Free Information

Free Business Book    "How To Fill Your Small Business With Non-Stop Customers, Money, Success And Growth" by Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten contains a wealth of information for all business owners, from start-ups to experienced.
NOTE: The book is free; you pay shipping and handling fees.

Patent Search Engine: Free Service    This is a free patent searching site with PDF downloading, world patent searching, alerts, and other account functions -- all free. It is a great resource for intellectual property professionals, reearchers, students, small businesses, and anyone else who needs such legal or scientific information.

Free Movie: Accounting Lessons  Free, online video series that covers the basics of accounting. Easy to understand explantions and examples.

Free Business Book  A wealth of information on starting and running a small business; from licensing to marketing to protecting your assets and planning for your financial future.

Running a Home Based Business Zoning regulations, family issues, financing, and other considerations of a home based business.

Promote Your Business

Craft Mall Kinfolk Crafts continues to be one of the leading online resources for handmade arts and crafts. We also offer primitive / country graphics and clip art and affordable country style web design and hosting services for artisans who would like to sell their crafts online.

Credit Card Processing

Check with your bank for information on credit card processing. A specialist can help you choose the right set up for your business. There are several shopping cart services available. Costco also has a cost effective credit card processing service. Google Checkout and PayPal are services you can sign up for directly (not through your bank). Both are used by internet shoppers, so consider accepting these methods of payment in addition to accepting credit cards.

Web Hosting

Several web host services are available. Research! Find one that best serves your needs. If your website is large, you might need a dedicated server. Your web host can still run it for you; this just means that only your site is on that server. Smaller sites can use a shared server. Discuss your needs with your web host to choose the right package for your business.

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