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Chapter 1
Reasons For Starting Your Business

By Christina Sherrod

Accounting Services For The Small Business
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Why Start A Business?
There are several reasons to start your own business, and you already know most of them or you would not be reading this book. Small businesses are much more successful than you might think; they are the backbone of America's economy. The number of successful small businesses is growing each year. Depending on what type of field the business is in, it may actually have an advantage over its larger neighbor. Although a large business can buy goods and supplies at a lower rate, due to the increased quantity purchased, the small business is not burdened with layers of management and inefficiency. The small business can react much more quickly to a fast changing marketplace. It can fill little niches of need in society that would not be profitable or worthwhile for a large business.

Please read our disclaimer and Terms before reading this book.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
If you have a truly entrepreneurial spirit, nothing can squelch it. You will not get it out of your system until you have run a successful business. You are starting your business because you love challenge and you want to create your own business from scratch, develop and grow it and get satisfaction from the fact that this is your own unique creation. There is no better feeling in my opinion than putting your plan into motion and watching it grow and succeed.

Your own business will allow you much more freedom than you would experience as an employee for someone else's company, both in creativity and in time. Running a small part time business from home can be a wonderful way to earn a living, yet maintain the freedom of scheduling that is necessary for a man or woman who also wants to be an at-home parent.

Extra Income
When started as a second income, it does not have the pressure to succeed quickly in the way that a primary income business has. Many business owners start out this way. Many hobbies have turned into successful part time or full time businesses. It can also be a wonderful way for a person to earn some extra income after retiring.

What Are Your Reasons?
Be sure, however, to correctly identify your real reasons for desiring your own business. If the answer is that you do not really want to work, running your own business is not such a good idea. You will work harder than ever before, and probably for less pay, at least in the beginning. If you want freedom to make your own decisions, are a very hard worker and want the benefits of your hard labors for yourself rather than for someone else, and you are patient and willing to wait for the financial rewards, then running your own business is the way to go.

Special Considerations
Be sure that the business meets all of your needs - financial, mental/emotional, physical and spiritual. Does it fit into your lifestyle? How will your family feel about your business? Are they supportive? Try to plan time for your family and yourself outside of your business. Include your family in your business wherever possible. Listening to their thoughts and opinions will make them feel more a part of your business. Running a successful business at the exclusion of all else in life means that the success of the business was obtained at a horribly high price. Trading a success in business for a failure in life is not a good trade. It is not worth losing your family or yourself along the way. The best reason for running a business? It enables you to succeed in your life goals.

With good planning and realistic goals, you can fit the business into your life without creating a disaster. A time management course can be of real benefit. A good course goes far beyond simply planning your day. It will teach you how to keep your business, family and spiritual lives together in a way that makes all three areas successful.

I recommend that you use good business planning, time management, and organizational tools to ensure you are planning a successful business and successful life.

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