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watercolor stamping

Watercolor Stamping

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Use on cards, boxes, stationery and more!

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Yes - You Can Be a Watercolor Artist!

So, you want to paint in watercolors but believe that you haven't yet mastered anything beyond "stick figures"? Here is the solution. Yes, you can create beautiful watercolor "paintings". The images on this page were created by my daughter and I and we are certainly not "artists". Creative talent is a definite bonus (you must still choose stamps and colors), but the stamp itself creates the image for you.

Watercolor Stamping

With watercolor stamping, watercolors are applied directly to the stamp using a brush or watercolor pen. The stamp is then pressed to the paper. Brushes dipped in diluted paint, or watercolor pens, are then used to fill in areas. It's that simple.

The first thing is to gather your supplies. Below is a list of supplies we used. Remember, you don't have use all of these items. We tested a variety of items, all easy to find at craft and sewing stores. Several of these items are already part of a crafter's tool chest.

After you have created a design, scan it into your computer to print to card stock - or use a color copier to transfer it to card stock. This way, you can use the same image over and over again.

Supplies Needed:

Cardstock / Paper:- A variety of colors, finishes and textures
Stamps:   - Several different themes (holiday, floral etc.) in foam or rubber.
Watercolor Brush Pens:   - Just paint onto your stamp, then stamp the image onto your cardstock.
Watercolor Pencils:   - easy to use! Just color in with these pencils, then lightly brush over with water and you have a "watercolor painting".
Brushes:   - synthetic or natural fiber: use for filling in your designs.
Dish for mixing paints with each other or with water
Paper cutter:   - Not a must, but nice to have.
Scissors & Paper Edgers:   - Craft scissors and edgers to add decorative edges to cards, stationery, etc.
Glue & Adhesives:   - glue sticks, craft glue, foam glue, wood glue, bead glue, iron-on adhesives etc., depending on your project.
Double-sided tape   - Fiskars double-sided adhesive (I LOVE this stuff!)
Computer Printer:   - Use for printing greeting text or images to paint with pens.

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Assemble Tools

card making tools Place a large protective paper on your table (I use freezer paper bought on a roll at Costco)

Gather together your paintbrush, stamps, water, watercolors or watercolor pens and papers.

Choose a stamp (or set of stamps) to be used to create your image. Decide on colors to be used.

Apply Paint To Stamp

Apply watercolor paint to the stamp (or cover it with paint from the watercolor pen).

Don't worry about getting paint "outside the lines" because the stamp only transfers color from the raised areas of the stamp. Feel free to use different colors on different areas of the stamp. Tip: work quickly because if the paint dries on the stamp, you must reapply it before stamping. When you are finished applying paint to the stamp, turn the stamp over and press it firmly to the paper.
Tip: Do not "wiggle" the stamp or you will get a blurred image.
apply watercolor pen paint

Fill In Image

You can now use acrylic paint, watercolor paint or watercolor pens to fill in the image. I used two techniques. The first was to use the watercolor pen to enhance key lines. The second was to dilute the paint with water and apply it with a brush. To dilute the pen paint, simply scribble a bit of pen into your paint tray and mix in a drop of water (picture on lower right below). Use your brush with diluted paint to fill in the areas on the image. The stamp gives a sharper line, the watercolor pen gives a deeper tone, and your brushed paint gives a nice, soft finish.
watercolor pen painting folk art acrylic paint
dilute your paint with water
watercolor paint

Finished Paintings & Samples

Several different stamps were used for the three potted plants on the left. The center is a sampling of various stamps and techniques. It's always a good idea to practice with various colors and stamps before you begin.

watercolor pen painting
watercolor pen painting
watercolor pen painting free card project

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