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pumpkin placemat pattern

Pumpkin Placemat

Placemats are a roomy 21" x 12.5"

Tuck utensils and napkin into pumpkin!

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Fall, Harvest Or Thanksgiving

Depending on choice of fabric, this pattern would make a beautiful placemat for Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving! Children won't mind setting the table when they can tuck utensils into the pumpkin.

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The following makes 6 placemats (and allows for some shrinkage):

Placemat main fabric: 1 1/4 yard of 45" width fabric (you need 37.5", so 1 1/4 allows for shrinkage)

Backing: 1 1/4 yard of 45" fabric

Batting or felt or fusible fleece
1 1/4 yard if 45" wide, or enough for 6 placemats each measuring 12.5" x 21" OR felt or fleece

TIP: Fusible fleece or batting makes layering your placemats quick and easy. Just fuse to your fabric top, then add the backing.

NOTE: Fusible fleece adds a nice padding. It noes NOT provide insulation. If you need insulation against heat or cold, use cotton batting and Insul-Bright.

Pumpkin: 3/4 yard of 45" width fabric

Face: 1/4 yard of 45" fabric

Binding: enough to go around your placemats. For 2" binding strips, you will need 1/2 yard of binding fabric.

1/4 yard of "Wonder Under" or other fusible web (if you wish to use it to attach face pieces)

Thread: to match face pieces (I used black to go with black face pieces)



Our pattern will download as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to:
 PDF Instructions.

Download Pumpkin Pattern

Lay-out / Cutting

Follow the layout & cutting instructions on the right for your top fabric, backing and felt or batting.

Pumpkins: Cut 2 opposites (remember to add 1/4" around the edge of your pattern) for each placemat.
This means you fold your fabric and place a the pumpkin on the fabric and cut through both layers. You will then get two opposite pumpkins for each placemat. The pumpkins should be symetrical, but in case your printer prints the pumpkin slightly differently on one side than the other, you will need two opposites per placemat.

Face: Cut out two eyes, nose and mouth for each placemat.

placemat fabric layout

Make Pumpkins

1.   Lay out 6 pumpkins, one layer only. Place a set of eyes, one nose and one mouth on the right side of each pumpkin. Applique the face pieces into place, using a satin stitch.

NOTE: You may use fusible web to attach face pieces before sewing them on. For instructions on using fusible web, refer to: Applique Instrucions

2.   Place the second layer of pumpkin over the first, right sides together. Stitch the pumpkin layers together, leaving a small area ON ONE SIDE for turning.

3.   Turn pumpkin right side out and press (one area will not be stitched - that is ok (it will be stitched later).

Make Placemat Top

1.   Place one pumpkin, facing up, on right side of each placemat top. Stitch the pumpkin to the placemat top ON SIDES ONLY. Leave the area between the "x's" open.

Assemble Placemat

1.   Layer your placemat as follows: Placemat back wrong side up on bottom, felt or batting over the back, and placemat top right side up on top. Baste around edges, close to the edge.

2.   Sew on binding. For instructions on assembling and binding a placemat go to:
Assembling and Binding Quilts & Placemats

If you prefer our fast and easy method of assembly (no binding), Go To EZ Placemat Pattern.

pumpkin place mat pattern

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