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Lingerie Bag

Sewing Pattern

With Zipper Closure

lingerie bag sewing pattern

Fabric Trim & Zipper Closure
easily customize size

Our bag is 12.5" x 14" - change per your own needs

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Beautiful Lingerie Bag

I use lingerie bags for all sorts of special wash items. They are also helpful in keeping small items from getting "lost" in the wash. No more losing socks! Why use the same boring bags found in stores? Dress it up with beautiful fabric!

Use fun prints for children's bags. They can put their socks directly into the bags, keeping them from separating in the wash. Personalize the bags by using different fabrics. We have bright, fun prints available in our online store.

Lingerie Bag Size

Fits over a small package of tissue: 12.5" x 14"

Change the size per your own needs.

All seams are 1/4". Prewash and dry fabric before using.


linger bag fabric Fabric
For each bag, you will need the following:
One 13 " x 25" piece of utility mesh
Two 2" x 13" strips of fabric for trim (I like to lay out fabrics to get an idea of color choices)
One 12" zipper

thread to match background of fabric
large sewing ruler (optional but nice to have)
scissors or rotary cutter
pins (or needle and thread for basting)
fabric marker or pencil (optional but nice to have)


Your lingerie bag will definitely be washed, so you will need to pre-shrink the fabric before using. Cotton fabrics (such as quilt fabric) shrink; pre-wash, dry and press before using.


Cut Mesh Piece

cut mesh fabric for lingerie bag I find it easiest to use a rotary cutter, large ruler and cutting mat. I fold the mesh, then cut through two layers. Cut a piece of mesh 13" x 25". If you want a larger bag, cut the mesh longer than 25". If you increase the width, you will need to use a longer zipper and cut the fabric strips longer.

Create Zipper Piece

1. Assemble zipper and two pieces of fabric strips, and mesh piece.

lingerie bag zipper 2. Lay down a piece of trim, right side up. Lay the zipper over it, right side down. Pin the zipper to the fabric, aligning upper edges, making sure to leave at least ¼" over hang of fabric on metal end of the zipper. If the zipper is longer than the fabric, or too short, that works too. You will need to add tabs at the ends of zipper. Refer to our coin purse pattern for instructions. In fact, once you master this pattern, you will want to make a coin purse :-)

The zipper unit needs to be the correct length when finished because, later, you will stitch the sides of the bag together, close to the ends of the zipper. With a zipper foot, you can get quite close to the zipper ends. The red dotted line on the right represents the stitching line you will later make. These lines should be ¼" from each end of the fabric strip, and OUTSIDE of the metal ends of the zipper.

stitch zipper 3. Use your machine's zipper foot to stitch the zipper to the fabric. My zipper foot can be adjusted to stitch to the right or left of center. I aligned the edge of my zipper foot to the edge of the zipper cloth (see photo at right). Stitch across the entire edge.

NOTE: You will need to open the zipper at times during the stitching process, because the zipper pull will be too bulky to stitch past.

press zipper 4. Trim threads. Turn zipper piece right side up and press with iron.

stitch zipper 5. Repeat with the other fabric strip on the opposide side of the zipper. Pin unstitched edge of zipper to unstitched edge of fabric, right sides together.

finished zipper piece Press with iron.

Stitch Lingerie Bag Together

stitch lingerie bag 6. Lay down the mesh piece.Lay the zipper piece over the mesh piece, right side down, aligning upper short end edges. Our mesh fabric doesn't have a right or wrong side, so just choose one side to be the "right side". Pin the peices right sides together along the aligned edge and stitch across the end.

Stitch Lingerie Bag Together

stitch lingerie bag 7. Lay the bag piece down, right side up. Bring the unstitched mesh end up, folding bag right sides together. Align the two unstitched, short ends of the bag. Stitch across the short end.

Unzip the zipper at least part way. Stitch the two side seams. Turn bag right side out.

Make a pillow or pillowcase with one of our free pillow patterns, and use the scraps to make a matching lingerie bag.

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