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mosaic fabric Easter egg

Decoupage Mosaic
Fabric Easter Egg

using smooth styrofoam egg
fabric scraps
& decoupage medium


Mosaic Fabric Egg

Create a stunning Easter egg using "mosaic cut" fabric scraps. Simply apply to a smooth styrofoam egg using decoupage medium.

Learn how to make an "Easter egg decorating" board to hold your eggs while decorating.

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Easter egg holder (decorative piece to hold your finished egg)

smooth styrofoam eggs

Mod Podge or decoupage medium (I used matte finish)

fabric strips (cut two 45" long x 1/2" wide strips per egg)

fine sand paper sheet or block

one pair tweezers

paint brush (approximately 1/2" width)

paper plate

clear acrylic paint for top coat (optional - I did not do this but it adds a protective coating)

Egg Decorating Board
decoupage fabric Easter egg supplies

Directions - Decoupage Fabric Easter Egg

1.  Cut Mosaic Pieces

Cut the fabric strips into small "mosaic pieces".
cut fabric into mosaic pieces 2.  Sand Egg

Using fine sand paper, sand off any rough areas. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, but bumps and ridges should now show through the finished fabric layers.
sand styrofoam egg
3.  Prepare Mod Podge

Pour approximately 2-3 tablespoons of decoupage medium into a plastic cup.
pour decoupage Mod Podge into cup 4.  Place Egg On Board

Push one end of the egg down onto a nail that is coming up through the board. Place fabric pieces and tweezers onto a paper plate.
place egg on Easter egg decorating board
5.  Dip Fabric

Using tweezers, pick up one piece of fabric. Lay it onto the Mod Podge surface, right side up, coating the wrong side with glue mix. Remove it from the glue mix, dragging it across the edge of the glue bowl to wipe off excess glue. Don't worry if glue mix gets on the right side of the fabric.
dip fabric into decoupage glue mix 6.  Place Fabric

Lay the fabric piece onto the surface of the egg. Use the tweezers for assistance. Use the paint brush to wipe off glue drips. Repeat with a new piece of fabric. When placing the second piece of fabric, overlap edges with the first piece.
place fabric pieces onto egg
7.  Continue Placing Fabric

Continue dipping and placing fabric pieces until the entire upper part of the egg is covered. Cover as close to the base as you can. Go back and place pieces on any uncovered areas.
continue placing fabric pieces on Easter egg 8.  Mod Podge Coat 1

Using the paint brush, paint a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire covered area, paying extra attention to any edges that are loose. The outer coating of Mod Podge will hold down the pieces and apply a nice finish. Allow to dry.
apply coat of Mod Podge
9.  Remove Egg

Remove the egg from the board. Hold it by the covered end. Apply fabric strips to the uncovered end, following steps 5 through 7 above. Allow to dry.
turn egg over 10.  Mod Podge Coat 2

Brush on a coating of Mod Podge to the end just covered. Allow to dry.

Check over the entire egg for any uncovered areas. Apply a coat of clear acrylic if desired.
apply final coat of Mod Podge

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