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Zippered Coin Purse

nicely finished inside and out

coin purse with zipper sewing pattern

Coin Purse With Zipper
nicely shaped with mitered corners

fully lined

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coin purse with zipper sewing pattern

coin purse with zipper sewing pattern

Coin Purse With Zipper

coin purse with zipper sewing pattern This clever design creates a fully lined, zippered coin purse. Quick and easy to make; however some zipper installation skill is necessary. Use a fat quarter for the outer shell. Fusible fleece gives the coin purse just the right amount of stiffness. Mitered corners create a nice flat bottom for the purse.

The purse can be made any size. Make a large purse to use as a tote - just add handles. The directions on this tutorial create the size stated above (finished approximately 4" x 6").

Coin Purse Size

Overall size: Size approximately 4" x 6"


Outer Shell: 2 pieces of 4.5" x 6.5" fabric
Lining: 2 pieces of 4.5" x 6.5" fabric
Zipper Tabs: 2 pieces of 1" x 3" fabric (same fabric as outer shell)

*Fusible Fleece: 2 pieces 4" x 6"
*batting can be used instead of fusible fleece; I use fusible fleece for just about everything

Zipper: at least 5" (can be longer - it will be trimmed)

All seams are 1/4".

thread to match background of fabric
large sewing ruler (optional but nice to have)
scissors or rotary cutter with cutting mat

I liked my first coin purse so much that I decided to make one for my mother for Mother's Day. I chose the second set of fabrics for her purse. The purple polka dot print makes a nice contrast lining.

fabrics for coin purse

fabrics for coin purse


Create Zipper Piece With End Tabs

1. Fold the tab across so that it measures 1" x 1.5", wrong sides together. Press.

2. stitch coin purse zipper Lay your zipper right side up. Unzip the zipper part way. Pin with the folded end toward the zipper pull. Stitch across the folded end, close to the fold. My photograph shows a shorter tab. After making a few of these purses I decided to make the tab just a bit longer. Your folded tab will be 1.5" x 1", rather than square (the tab shown is 1" x 1").

3. Measure 4.5" from the folded edge of the tab you just stitched. Place the second folded tabl on the opposite end so that there is a 4.5" length of zipper between the two tabs. Stitch across the zipper teeth a couple of times to create a secure zipper stop.

trim coin purse zipper 4. Trim off the zipper ends close to the fabric tab. Do this for each end of the zipper. The tab shown is from my second purse. The next photo shows the wrong side of the zipper, with the ends trimmed off.

trim zipper ends

check zipper length 1. Lay the zipper unit right side up. Lay one outer shell piece right side up. Your tabs will extend beyond the main shell piece. That is OK - we will trim it later. This step is to check to be sure the zipper falls within the length of your main shell length. It isn't crucial how long the zipper is; you just need to be sure the zipper area allows for a 1/4" seam allowance on each end. Plus I like the tab to be 1/2" when the purse is finished (sides are stitched together). You can see this best in the photo at the top of the page - the yellow floral purse. Notice the tab covers the end of the zipper approximately 1/2". I think it makes a nice finish.

2. Flip the main shell piece over (wrong side down) and line up the upper raw edge with the upper edge of the zipper piece. Pin. Stitch across the upper edge, right sides togethe, using a zipper foot. I stitch approximately half way between the edge and the zipper teeth, and I use a slightly longer stitch length. Unzip and zip as needed as you stitch across.

press outer purse shell 3. Flip the shell piece right side up. Press, being careful not to melt the zipper.

outer shell purse finished 4. Repeat on the opposide side of the zipper, using the second shell piece.

outer shell purse finished

Create Lining

stitch purse lining 1. Lay the piece wrong side up. Fold the upper shell piece down so that both outer shell pieces are away from the zipper. The zipper piece is along the top. Pin one lining piece, right side of lining to wrong side of zipper piece, along the upper edge. Stitch across, stitching over previous stitch line. If you stitch from the zipper side you can see your previous stitch line. Stitching is enhanced in red in the photo.

Open lining piece. Press open.

stitch purse lining 2. Press both outer shell and lining open.

Repeat steps one and two for the second piece of lining on the other side of the zipper.

Attach Fusible Fleece

attach fleece to lining 1. Arrange layers so one lining piece is wrong side up on your work space. All other layers are folded up out of the way.

Lay a piece of fusible fleece, adhesive side down, over the wrong side of the lining piece. Press into place following the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat with the second lining piece.

Finish Your Purse

1. Unzip the zipper. Fold the purse right sides together. The zipper will be along the top of the purse and the right side of the lining will be the outside layer. Stitch the two sides and bottom, using a 1/4" seam.

serge seams 2. Finish the seams. Add seam binding or serge the seam edges.

3. Miter the corners at this point.

For directions on mitering a corner, go to: purse tissue cover pattern.

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