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Christmas Cat Pillow Pattern

(or use non-holiday fabric)

embroidered or painted face

Christmas Cat Pattern
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Cat Pillow - Christmas, holiday, baby or any occasion

Designer: Christina Sherrod

Cat Pillow Pattern I originally made this pattern as a Christmas cat. I place it under my Christmas tree every year, and my "real cat" loves it. She also loves sleeping under the tree. Use the fabric of your choice to make an any-occasion cat. The face can be embroidered or painted. The legs and head can be stitched or glued into place.

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Cat Size

The main body is approximately 14" long x 8" high. The tail extends beyond the body. Shrink or enlarge the pattern to fit your needs.


3/4 yard of 45" width fabric (such as cotton calico, corduroy, satin, velvet etc.) for cat

ribbon (not shown, but you can attach a ribbon with bow around "neck")

embroidery floss OR fabric paint for cat's face (photo in step 3 shows my beanbag cat's painted face - the same can be done for this cat)

fabric glue (if using glue to attach pieces to body)  

Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)


All seams are 1/4"

1. Print The Pattern

Below are pages for the pattern pieces for this project. Each group will fit onto an 8/5" x 11" paper. My pattern will download as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to PDF Instructions

Pattern Page 1
Pattern Page 2
Pattern Page 3
Pattern Page 4

2. Cut Fabric Pieces

Fold the fabric across the width. Follow the pattern lay-out shown in the drawing below. Cut out all fabric pieces. NOTE: the lay-out is not drawn to scale, but the pieces will fit as shown.

pattern layout

3. Embroider Or Paint The Face

painted face cat pattern One head piece will be used as the face. Use embroidery floss to embroidery the face, or use fabric paints to paint a face - or a combination of the two.

I used fabric eyes (green), a fabric nose (red) and fabric paints for my beanbag cat's face

4. Stitch Together Body Pieces

Stitch the two head pieces together (face to back of head), right side together, leaving a small area open for turning and stuffing. Do the same with the hind leg and two front paws. It works well to leave the open area on the bottom side because it will show less. It's not always easy to rearrange stuffing after hand stitching the area closed.

Stitch the two tail pieces together, right sides together. Leave the end open that will attach to the body. That end will be used for stuffing the tail.

Sew together the body, right sides together, leaving open a small area on the bottom for stuffing, as well as the area where the tail will be inserted.

4. Stuff Parts

Turn all body parts right side out, pulling through the opening. Stuff, then hand stitch the opening closed. For the body, leave the area open where tail fits into body. Tip: When stuffing the tail, leave the tail inside out except for the tip. Stuff that area. Slow turn the tail right side out as you stuff. After stuffing the tail, hand stitch the open end closed.

Insert the tail into the body opening, and hand stitch the tail into place. The tail should be placed inside the body about 1".

5. Put Body Together & Finish

Hand stitch or glue cat's head into place.

Hand stitch or glue hind leg and front paws into place.

Tie a pretty ribbon or handsome bow around the neck of the cat.

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