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free chenille instruction

Flannel Chenille

make a snuggly blanket

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Handmade Chenille

Handmade chenille is easy to make, especially with the use of a quilt bar (also called edge guide). Our chenille instructions show you how.

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Supplies Needed
1.25 yards of four different colors/patterns of 44-45" flannel. Use colors that blend well together and choose a good quality fabric. NOTE: If your fabric is 42" wide, that is fine - we can work with that. It just means that your blanket will be 42" x 42".

Chenille Brush (brush chenille if needed to fluff it up)

Fabric One was chosen for its colors - the pattern won't show when the blanket is finished.
NOTE: Your base layer should be a "right side" on both sides, because it will show on the top and back of the blanket. If it has a wrong side to it, you will need to add another layer of fabric for the blanket back (also 1.25 yards of 45" fabric).

I layered my blanket as follows: yellow on top, orange/blue print, apricot, navy as base layer.

NOTE: the navy faded onto the yellow when I washed my blanket, turning the yellow into a light blue.

free sewing pattern chenille blanket
Color One
free sewing pattern chenille blanket
Color Two
chenille blanket pattern
Color Three
chenille blanket pattern
Color Four

Binding: Cut binding either 1.5" wide or 2" wide (your preference), and long enough to go all the way around your quilt (about 180 inches + about 5" extra (you may piece strips). If double-sided binding is your preference, cut the binding 2.5" wide, and fold lengthwise.

Refer to Assemble And Bind A Quilt for instructions on binding your finished blanket. NOTE: Batting and backing is not necessary. This blanket is quite heavy due to the 4 layers of flannel. One of the above pieces serves as the base layer (and shows on the back). If you wish to use batting and backing, purchase a piece of 45" x 45" batting, and another 1.25 yards of 45" wide fabric for the backing. Create the blanket as directed below, then add the batting and backing before cutting the upper layers into strips.

Assembly Instructions


Lay out your four layers, one on top of the other, right sides up on a flat surface. Your base layer should be a "right side" on both sides. If your base piece has a wrong side, add a backing piece (as stated under "supplies above"). The backing will be your bottom layer and will be placed wrong side up. All other layers will be placed over this one, right side up. If you are using batting, it will be placed between the backing and base layer (bottom two layers).

Your edges may not line up exactly - that is ok. Line up all layers' edges on at least one straight selvege side. Line up the other sides the best you can. Pin along the first side, through all layers. Baste through all layers, close to the edge. Line up the layers on a side perpendicular to the first side, as evenly as possible. Since this will be a cut edge, the edge may not be exactly straight. Draw a straight line perpendicular to the first side, as close to the edge as possible. Be sure that all four layers come out at least 1/4" to the outside of your line. Pin and baste this side right over the line you've drawn. Trim to even the layers' edges. Repeat on the remaining two sides. NOTE: The blanket should be square. Before sewing the fourth side, measure each end's distance from the opposite side, to be sure your blanket is square. The overall size is not crucial, but your sides must be straight. If your smallest width of fabric is 44", then your blanket will be trimmed to a size of 44" x 44". By the time I was finished with squaring and trimming, my blanket measured about 42" x 42", because I had one piece that was only 42" width, rather than the full 45". Refer to the diagram at below.

hand made chenille

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