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easy box craft

Adorable Little Boxes

just print & fold

Christmas box template

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These easy-to-make boxes measure 3"w x 2"h x 2.5" deep.

Simply print our box to cardstock; then cut, paste and fold. Beautiful "as is" or add trim such as ribbon. Tie with a bow and add a personalized gift tag for a cute little gift box. We also include a plain box template. Use paints or fabric to add your own design.

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box template (our templates can be downloaded as pdf files)

  Quilted Box template
  Christmas Box template
  Plain Box template  Prints a plain box - add your own graphics, stamps, etc.

For directions on downloading our patterns, go to:  pdf Instructions.

Glue (tacky glue, glue stick or double-sided tape work well)

One 8.5" x 11" sheet of card stock weight paper

NOTE: To prevent ink from smearing, print the box to a waterproof label (one label fills entire sheet). Then, attach the label to card stock. Cut out box template and follow directions below. Waterproof labels can be purchased for both ink jet and laser printers.

Directions (same for any style box)

1.  Print and Cut Out Box

Print our pdf file onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet of card stock. Note where the arrows are pointing.
Cut out the box around the outer edge.
Make small cuts in the top row (where arrows were on the sheet - shown in red in the photo at right). Cut ONLY the top row. This will form the overhang lip of the box's top.
cut box

2.  Fold Front

Turn box over, so that printed side is face down. Fold up the front edge.
free box

3.  Fold Sides

Fold in each side.
free box

4.  Fold Lid

Fold over lid, where the lid meets the back of the box.
free box

5.  Fold Back

Fold back, where the back meets the bottom of the box.


6.  Fold Side Tabs

Fold tabs (solid color areas).
free box

7.  Fold Lid Overhang Sides

Fold the overhang side on the front of the box lid (shown on right). Fold the two long overhang areas on each side of the lid.
Fold the little solid color tabs on the front of the box lid overhang.
free box

8.  Add Glue

Add glue to all solid color tabs. Each side piece has one on each side, the front of the lid overhang has a small one on each side. Press glued edge to the corresponding areas of the box. All tabs should be inside the box.
free box

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