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Organic Body Powder

Plus Powder Puff Pattern

instructions & recipe

organic bath powder recipe and powder puff pattern
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Organic Body Powder With Hand Made Powder Puff

Designer: Christina Sherrod

I love body powder, especially in the hot, humid months of summer. There is nothing quite as luxurious after a bath or shower than to dust silky powder over one's body.

I am very particular about what I put in my body, so why not extend that concern to what goes onto my body? I decided to make my own, super soft powder puff to go with home made, all natural powder.

My grandmother loved cornstarch. She had sensitive skin, and taught me from early on that cornstarch worked better than anything for keeping one dry in hot, sticky weather. So - in memory of her wise words - I created my own body powder using cornstarch and arrowroot powder.

To make this even more heavenly, I added my own powder puff. I chose some of my favorite fabrics (from my numerous scraps), added ribbon and super soft "furry" fabric, then stuffed it. Very pretty, and just what I need on a stressful day.

NOTE: Organic vs All Natural

The ingredients I used were natural, meaning that there were no artificial ingredients (such as food coloring or chemical perfumes). The cornstarch I used was all natural (pure cornstarch) but was not certified organic, so my powder is "all natural" but not organic. Look for "certified organic" for your powders.

Warning: There are no preservatives in this product; therefore keep it sealed and use it in a timely manner. Check with your doctor before using any product on your skin. Essential oils can cause allergic reactions in some people. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions.

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I recommend that you decide on the powder container as your first step. That will determine the size of powder puff you will need. I chose a glass jar. I used that jar as a pattern for my powder puff. The puff should fit inside the container nicely - not too tight.

Supplies - Powder Puff

powder puff supplies

Container With Lid - glass jar, cardboard box, tin container - your choice
Fabric Puff Top:   - large enough piece to cut the powder puff top - mine was a 4.5" circle 
Fabric Puff Bottom:  - plush "fur" or minky type fabric for the side that will contain the powder. Some people use terry cloth. I prefer softer fabric.
Puff Handle:   - the band with ribbon is the handle. I can slide my hand between the puff back and the handle, or hold the band while applying the powder. Fabric for the band should be cut as follows. Length: width of the puff plus 1/2" for seam allowance; Width: 4.5" (it will be folded over) 
Ribbon:   - 1.5" wide decorative ribbon (long enough to run across your puff)
Stuffing: the puff will be stuffed
Jar Fabric & Ribbon: 1.5" ribbon and 2" width fabric - equal to the circumference of the jar
Scissors, Pen or Pencil & Paper:  - will be used for pattern drawing 
Glue Stick or Glue Gun:   - for attaching the fabric to the jar
Basic Sewing Supplies   - scissors, thread, cutting mat and rotary cutter (optional but nice)

Recipe: Relaxing, Organic Body Powder

organic body powder supplies 1/2 cup Arrowroot Powder
1/2 cup Cornstarch
Essential Oils of your choice - I used approximately 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of "Stress Away", both by Young Living. I recommend lavender for relaxation. Your local organic or health food store should be able to help you find good oils for your needs or desires. The internet is a good place to research and locate suppliers of essential oils.

NOTE: Optional - use 1/3 cup of each of the above powders, plus 1/3 cup bentonite clay or kaolin clay

Mix powders in a mixing bowl. Add essential oils a drop at a time. Stir with fork. Place into jar or powder container of your choice. Cover with lid.

Directions: Powder Puff

1. Draw Pattern

trace pattern Use your powder container to draw a pattern for your powder puff. Trace around the base of the container.

2. Cut Puff Fabrics

Using the pattern you created, cut one each of puff backing and puff "fur".

3. Make Puff Handle

stitch ribbonCut a piece of handle fabric, long enough to fit across the puff, and 4.5" wide. Press in half, right sides together, lengthwise. Press. Unfold, and place the ribbon so that it is 1/4" above the fold line. Stitch the ribbon to the fabric. I stitched one line, close to the edge, on each side of the ribbon (at the location of the pins).

stitch powder puff handle Fold the handle again right sides together. Stitch the open, long side, using 1/4" seam allowance. Turn right side out. Press.

Place the handle on the right side of the puff back, centering the handle across the puff back. Both the back and the handle should be right side up.

4. Stitch Powder Puff

stitch powder puff Place the fur, right side down, on the puff back. Pin the fur to the puff back, right sides together. Stitch around the perimeter, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave 3" open for turning.

5. Finish Powder Puff

powder puff pattern Turn the powder puff right side out. Stuff the powder puff with stuffing of your choice. Slip stitch the opening closed, using tiny stitches.

6. Decorate Jar

To decorate my jar, I cut fabric 2" wide, and long enough to go around circumference of the jar. I cut the ribbon to the same length. I stitched ribbon to the right side of the fabric. I used just a dot of glue on each end of the fabric / ribbon piece to adhere it to the jar (where the ends came together on the back of the jar).

powder puff pattern My puff fits nicely inside my powder jar. I can place the lid on the jar, with my puff inside. As an alternative, you can keep a small candy dish next to your powder jar for storing your puff. It's important to keep the powder jar covered with the lid. The photo shows my puff in the jar of powder.

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