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3 sizes: Baby, Crib, Lap
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"Woven" Baby Blocks Quilt: 28.5" x 28.5"

woven block quilt pattern This quilt uses three different fabrics to create a look that resembles a weave. The baby quilt measures 28.5" x 28.5", and is made up of 4" blocks. The lap quilt is made the same as the baby size, but measures 42.5" x 42.5" because it is made up of 6" blocks. The crib quilt measures 28.5" x 52.5". Like the crib quilt, it is made from 4" blocks, but it contains six additional rows. The baby quilt is shown on right (7 rows of 7 blocks).

baby blanket pattern All sizes are constructed in the same way. Blocks are stitched together to create a row, then rows of blocks are stitched together. The difference of size and/or shape is due to the number of rows (baby vs. crib), or the size of the block (the lap quilt uses 6" blocks, rather than 4" blocks). Customize your quilt by adding rows or changing the size of the blocks.

Lap & Crib Size

Basic instructions for constructing the quilt are included on this page, as well as cutting and size information for the baby quilt. Refer to crib size or lap size for specific instructions for the other two sizes.

Finished Baby Quilt Size

28.5" x 28.5"
The quilt is made up of forty-nine 4" blocks.

Basic Layout

baby blanket pattern The photo at the right shows my baby blanket after all blocks were stitched together.

Supplies Needed For Baby Quilt

NOTE: I list fabric width as 42" - 44" because that is a common width for quilt fabric. You will need (after shrinkage) a width of at least 36".

baby blanket pattern Color One: 1/2 yard of 42-45" fabric
(for 25 squares)

baby blanket pattern Color Two: 1/3 yard of 42-45" fabric
(for 12 squares)

baby blanket pattern Color Three: 1/3 yard of 42-45" fabric
(for 12 squares)

Binding: Cut binding either 1.5" wide or 2" wide (your preference), and long enough to go all the way around your quilt - approximately 120 inches for the baby size quilt (you may piece strips).

Batting: You will need a 28.5" x 28.5" piece of batting

NOTE: Use Insul-Bright insulation as batting to create an extra warm quilt!

Quilt Backing: 28.5" x 28.5" piece of fabric for the quilt back. Refer to Assemble And Bind A Quilt for instructions on binding, layering and backing.


Your fabric will shrink, so pre-wash, dry and press before using.

Cutting Tools

I recommend using a Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat and Sewing Ruler. I use these tools for most projects. They allow for easy, precise cutting. Visit my Amazon store page to purchase these tools, fusible fleece, insul-bright, heat resistant cloth, quilting pins, and other items I use in my projects.

Shop For Supplies

Cutting Instructions

All strips of fabric will be cut 4.5" x w.o.f. (width of fabric). I cut my strips using a large sewing ruler and a rotary cutter. To make it go more quickly, I fold the fabric in half, lining up selvages, before cutting. When I computed fabric yardage, I assumed you could get at least 8 blocks per strip. Your pre-shrunk fabric would need to be at least 36" wide (8x4.5=36).

Color one: cut three strips of fabric, each 4.5" x w.o.f.
For colors two and three, cut two strips of fabric 4.5" x w.o.f.

Cut all strips into 4.5" squares. For color one, you will need a total of 25 squares (blocks). For colors two and three you will need a total of 12 squares of each color.

cut baby blocks

Sewing Instructions

press quilt seams Using 1/4" seam allowances, sew the squares together as shown in the photo at the top of the page. It is easiest to assemble the squares into one row at a time. You can create horizontal or vertical rows. After your rows are created, sew the rows together. TIP: Iron all squares before sewing them into rows. Iron the rows before sewing them together. It works best to press the seams in opposite directions. In other words, if row one has seams pressed to the left, press the seams of row two to the right. That way, when you sew the rows together, it is easier to match corners more precisely.

Refer to General Quilting Instructions and Assemble And Bind A Quilt for instructions on finishing your quilt.

Quilting Instructions

You can now stitch the three layers together, either by tying with yarns or embroidery floss, hand quilting or machine quilting. If this is to be a baby quilt, I would not recommend tying (since the yarn can come loose, creating a safety hazard).

Add Border For Variation

lap quilt with borders Check out our make-in-a-day quilt pattern with borders (we call it our "Spring Cheer Hospital Quilt"). The quilt is made in the same way as our baby, crib and lap quilts (but made lap quilt size), and then borders are added. Add borders to all sides, just the top, top and bottom, or three sides - your choice.
Quilt With Borders

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