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Christmas Pillow

Christmas Tree Quilt Block

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Christmas pillow pattern
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Directions: continued from page 1

All seams are 1/4"

2. Organize Triangles For Rows

Row One: 3 full green triangles, 2 full contrast triangles, 1 left contrast print half-triangle and 1 right contrast print half-triangle.

Row Two: 3 full contrast print triangles, 2 full green triangles, 1 left green half-triangle and 1 right half-triangle.

Row Three: 3 full green triangles, 2 full contrast triangles, 1 left contrast print half-triangle and 1 right contrast print half-triangle (same as row 1).

3. Stitch Triangles Into Rows

Tip on sewing points:

sewing points in quilting Sometimes when you are laying out pieces with points, it seems that one side is longer than a side it must be sewn to. That is ok. Line up the lower points as shown below. The upper corner actually comes up a bit higher on the upper piece. Once sewn and pressed open, it will be exactly right. Sewing with points requires patience and practice. Remember to press after each seam! Very important! For more information on points, go to Quilting Instructions: Points.  

quilting seams

sewing points in quilting TOP ROW: Create the top strip of the pillow face by sewing, right sides together, the triangles - as shown in the drawing. You should have a half triangle of contrast fabric on each end, with three green triangles and two contrast triangles in the top row. Set aside strip.

Christmas tree pillow MIDDLE ROW: Create the middle strip by sewing triangles and half triangles together, with a green piece on each end. The diagram shows the tree trunk already in place; you will add yours after each row is completed.

Christmas tree pillow BOTTOM ROW: Create the bottom strip in the same way as the above two strips. The diagram shows the tree trunk already in place; you will add yours after each row is completed.

4. Add Tree Trunks

Christmas tree pillow pattern Iron under 3 sides of the trunk. Place the trunk right side up on a contrast fabric full triangle, with the top of the trunk against the edge of the fabric. Baste the trunk to the triangle, close to the edge. Press. Hand stitch or topstitch around the trunk. Refer to MIDDLE ROW and BOTTOM ROW directions above for placement of tree trunks.

5. Stitch The Three Rows Together

Christmas tree quilt patern Sewing right sides together, stitch your three rows together. NOTE: the photo shows the trunks now yet stitched down. You can stitch them into place in step 4 or after the rows are stitched together in step 5.

6. Add Top & Bottom Borders

Christmas pillow pattern Sew one 12.5" x 1.5" Border piece to the top of your pillow front, right sides together. Press seam open. Sew another Border piece to the bottom edge. Press seam open.

7. Add Side Borders

Christmas tree quilt pattern With your two remaining Border pieces, do the following: stitch a corner square to each end. Then stitch one border (with corners) to one side edge of the pillow front. Sew the last border (with corner squares) to the opposite side edge of the pillow front. Your pillow front should now measure 14.5" x 14.5".

8. Add Flange To Pillow Front

sew pillow flange The flange on the front of the pillow is added the same way as the border. Sew one 14.5" x 2.5" green strip to one pillow front edge, right sides together. Repeat on an opposite side. Then, stitch a contrast fabric square to each end of the two remaining ruffle strips, right sides together. Stitch those strips onto the pillow block.

9. Make Pillow Back Pieces

To make your pillow back, hem one long edge of each pillow back piece in the following way: turn under one long edge 1/4"; press; turn under 1", press, stitch hem.

envelope back pillow pattern Lay out your pillow back right side up, with the hemmed edges toward the center. Overlap the hemmed edges so that the pillow back measures 14.5" x 14.5". Pin and baste the sides with the overlapped edges. NOTE: I like to put the smaller piece toward the top of the pillow, on top of the larger piece.

Add the flange pieces to the pillow back the same way you did on the pillow front.

10. Assemble Pillow

Christmas Tree Pillow Pin the pillow front and back together, right sides together. Stitch around the outer edge (using a 1/4" seam). Turn the pillow covering right side out (through the envelope back opening). Press. Pin in several places on all four sides along the seam at the base of the ruffle (flange). Then, on the front side of the pillow "stitch in the ditch" on the seam line along the base of the flange. If your pillow back and front pieces are lined up correctly, with the top flange seam right on top of the back flange seam, and you stitch in the ditch through both front and back pillow pieces, your stitching will not show on either side. The stitching will be right on the seam on both sides of the pillow. You might want to hand baste with contrasting thread before machine stitching to ensure proper placement.

Place 14" pillow form inside your beautiful new pillow cover.

NOTE: This pattern works well with any 14.5" (when unfinished) quilt block. For a different look, use my free  bear claw quilt block pattern. Assemble the pillow in the same way, with flange and envelope back opening, but use a different 14" quilt block.

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Page 2: directions
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