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Christmas stocking pattern

Christmas Stocking

Free Sewing Pattern

fusible fleece adds a nice weight
fully lined and nicely finished


Stocking Fabric

Use Christmas stocking fabric panels, or cut your own pieces of fabric using our free pattern. These instructions create a Christmas stocking that is nicely finished inside and out. The seams are not "raw " inside, but tucked away within a seam. This same method can be used for inside seams of eyeglass cases and other items.

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Stocking Holder Free Project

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Note: all seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps.

Supplies Required (four stockings)

One panel of Christmas stocking fabric
OR 1 yard of fabric for stocking fronts (you need four 14" x 22" pieces of fabric, so you can use 4 fat quarters)
1 yard of fabric for stocking backs (or four fat quarters)
2 yards lining fabric
2 yards fusible fleece
3" length of 1/8" or 1/4" per stocking (for stocking hangers)

Stocking Pattern (if you are not using the stocking panel fabric)
Our patterns download as pdf files. For instructions on downloading pdf files,
go to: pdf instructions.

Download Pattern: Christmas stocking Pg 1

Download Pattern: Christmas stocking Pg 2

Download Pattern: Christmas stocking Pg 3

Download Pattern: Christmas stocking Pg 4

Lay out pattern as shown below. Tape pages together. Connect / smooth lines where necessary.
NOTE: Add 1/4" extra seam allowance all the way around sides and foot. Do not add to top.
pattern layout

Sewing Supplies:
Large ruler
Rotary cutter and cutting mat or scissors to cut fabric
Thread to match background of fabric


1. Cut out stocking fronts from panel fabric (or use our pattern to cut four fronts from your fabric).

2. Flip stocking fronts over (wrong side up) and use as pattern to cut four stocking backs (backs are cut opposite to fronts) 3. Use a stocking front as a pattern to cut 4 lining pieces and 4 fusible fleece pieces.

4. Use a stocking back to cut 4 lining pieces and 4 fusible fleece pieces.

You will now have 4 stocking fronts and 4 stocking backs cut opposite to stocking fronts.
You will have 4 linings and 4 linings cut opposite. You will have 4 fusible fleece pieces and 4 more cut opposite.

See diagrams below (makes four stockings).
cut fronts
cut backs

5. Lay out your four stocking fronts, wrong side up. Trim 1/4" off the top of each fusible fleece stocking piece. Pin a fusible fleece piece to each stocking front, adhesive side down, so that the fusible fleece piece is lined up with the lower stocking edges (top 1/4" of stocking fabric does not have fusible fleece). Turn pieces over and iron. Fusible fleece will adhere to wrong side of stocking fronts.

fuse fleece

6. Repeat with stocking backs.

You now have four fronts with fusible fleece on wrong side, and four stocking backs with fusible fleece on wrong side.

7. Lay out all pieces, right side up. Place a lining piece over each piece (lining is against right side of stocking front). Stitch around all sides EXCEPT top, using 1/4" seam.

8. Turn front pieces right side out. Use turning tool or blunt end of crochet hook or similar object to help push out seams. Press. Top will be open. Repeat with back pieces.

9. Turn under upper raw edges of front pieces, all the way around, and press. Pin top opening closed. Top stitch across top, closing opening.

You now have four front pieces and four back pieces, finished all the way around.

topstitch top closed

10. Lay out all four finished front pieces, right side up.

NOTE: If you wish to do any quilting, do so at this time.

For each stocking: fold a 3" piece of ribbon in half and place it so that the raw edges line up with the outer edges of the stocking pieces. The loop will point up toward the upper straight edge of the stocking. Pin ribbon in place.


Above: ribbon

Right: finished front
(snowflakes are quilted)
finished front

11. Place finished back pieces over front pieces, right side down. Stitch fronts to backs, right sides together, catching ribbon in seam (stitch long sides, heel and toe - leave top edge open), using 1/4" seam. Turn each stocking right side out. finished Christmas stocking

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