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Christmas Village

Holding Platform

♥ wood tray project♥

Christmas village wood platform

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Christmas Village Platform

Designer: Kevin Sherrod

Do you have trouble finding space for your Christmas village? Turn any flat surface into the perfect spot for your Christmas village!

I created a platform (like a tray) to hold the entire village. The tray fits nicely on the surface of a cedar chest.

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Create the holding platform any size you need. I made this tray (holding platform) 8" larger than the length and width of the top of my wife's cedar chest. This created a 4" overhang on all sides. The size is up to you. Consider the space and weight of your village. The cedar chest was large enough that a 4" extension on all four sides of the chest top still allowed for proper balance of weight.


Christmas village wood platform project Outer Rim
I used pieces of wood measuring .75" x 1.25" for the outer rim. The rim is important because it contains the "snow" and gives definition to the village area. It also gives support to the base, which slips into a notch that is cut into the bottom of the rim pieces.

I used 3/8" plywood for the base of the platform.

Other Materials
miter box (optional)
Paint brush


Measure First!

1.   Measure the surface you wish to place your platform on. Determine which sides will have overhang (if any).

2.   Measure the length and width of the surface you will be placing your platform on. Add 4" to any side that will have overhang. For example, if you will be placing your platform on a table that measures 24" x 60", and you wish to have a 4" overhang on all four sides, your finished platform will measure 32" x 68". In other words, when the platform is placed onto the table, it will extend beyond the table by 4" on all sides.

3.   Determine the size of your base piece. The base sits up in a notched out area on the bottom of the rim pieces. I knew I would be cutting a 1/2" notch along the bottom of each of my rim pieces (see the diagram in step 5). This took off 1" for the length, and 1" from the width of the base piece. In this example, the base would be cut to 31" x 67".

4.   The finished rim sits OUTSIDE of the base, so that the outer rim covers the base piece. Only the rim shows from the sides. In this example, the finished platform is 32" x 68". Therefore, I need two rim pieces that are 32" long, and two rim pieces that are 68" long.

Christmas village holding platform 5.   Cut a 1/2" notch along one edge of one long side of each rim piece. Refer to the diagram (pretend it is to scale). The base of the platform will fit up into this notch.

Christmas village holding platform 5.   Miter the corners of your rim sides and check for fit. Refer to the diagram.

NOTE: If you do not wish to miter the corners, cut the two long sides the length of the finished piece (68" in this example). Cut the two short sides 1.5" shorter than the finished width (.75" x 2).

6.    Place the rim pieces around the base piece. When sure of fit, glue or nail the rim pieces to the base piece, with the base fitting up into the notched area of the rim. I glued the rim pieces into place, then used small nails to help secure the rim pieces.

Christmas village holding platform 7.   Paint the finished village platform.

Christmas village holding platform Nicely done! I have turned a piece of furniture into the perfect place for my wife to set out her Christmas village.

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