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heart wreath

Heart Wreath

beautiful Valentine's Day wreath
made from natural branches

or - change your theme by changing decoration
baby's room, spring, bedroom

project by Aleah Sherrod

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Natural Branches Heart Wreath

Bring nature into your home with a beautiful wreath created from twisted branches and twigs. Change the theme by changing embellishments and color scheme. Make and adorable addition to a baby's room by using baby theme ribbon and decoration. Create a spring wreath by using spring colors, birds, eggs, and other spring theme items.

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heart shaped wreath made from natural branches

silk flowers

wire cutters (to cut through silk flower stems)

hot gun / hot gun glue sticks

other decorative items of your choice (optional)
heart wreath supplies


1.  Cut Stems

Cut stems close to the place where the stem meets the base of the flower. Leave a little bit of stem for glue (see step 2). 
cut flower stems 2. Lay Out Flowers

Start placing flowers to get an idea of where you want them. Do this while glue
gun heats up.
set flowers on wreath
3a.  Apply Glue To Wreath

Place glue on the wreath in areas where the flowers will be attached.
apply glue to wreath 3b.  Apply Glue To Flowers

Rather than applying glue to the wreath, you can apply glue to the back of the flowers. Either method is fine.
glue flower
4.  Attach Decorations

Add hearts and other decorative items of your choice. Use either method 3a or 3b to glue the items to the wreath. Hold the item in place for a minute or two as glue cools and drys.
add decorations to heart wreath Decorated Wreath

Add decorations per your choice. I applied all my decorations to one area on the wreath (lower left).
decorated heart wreath

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