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Super Easy Tote Bag

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easy totebag pattern

previously called holiday tote

updated instructions

perfect for car travel, a day at the beach, or grocery shopping

mitered corners for a nice, flat bottom of bag

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Main Bag Construction - continued from page 1

Finish Upper Edge

Press under the upper edge of the main bag 1/4". Press under another 1". Stitch all the way around the bag, using a slightly longer stitch. Press.

Strap Handles

finished totebag handle Make Handles
If you haven't already cut the straps, cut two pieces of fabric, each measuring 3.5" x 24". Serge or zig-zag the two long sides of each strap if you haven't already done so. Turn under each long side 1/4" and press with iron. Fold strap in two lenghthwise, wrong sides together. Pin. Stitch the two long sides, stitching 1/8" from the edge. Serge or zigzag across short ends. Alternate: I also turned under the strap ends, but this made the ends a bit bulky. My machine handled it, but if you are using twill, it would probably be too thick for a regular machine. Leaving the short ends of the straps serged (or zig-zagged), and not hemmed, is fine.

Place one end of strap 2" from the side seam of the bag. Place the other end 2" from the opposite side seam of the bag. Place the strap ends insdie of the bag. After sewing on the handle, stitch a square box on end of handle where it attaches to the tote, stitch an "x" into the box. Follow the picture below. This reinforces the area where the handle attaches to the tote.

Attach Handles
Fold the handle as shown to make it lie flat. Stitch ends to inside of bag. Stitch and "x" to as shown.


handle pinned in place

roomy tote bag pattern Ready for a more complex bag? I love my pre-quilted tote with inside pockets. Learn how to make your own pre-quilted fabric when making this beautiful bag. Finished beautifully inside and out. Fully Lined.
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