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Roomy Tote Bag Page 4

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tote bag pattern

Page 3
Finishing Your Tote Bag

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Side Seams

8. Fold bag right sides together; stitch side seams of bag using a 1/2" seam allowance. Add binding to each side seam, using the same method used for adding binding to the top edge of the pocket. Refer to Figure C on right. Photograph below shows inside of bag with side seam fully enclosed in binding.

bind seams stitch sides

Create Mitered Corners

measure for pocket 9. With bag inside out, push the bottom flat, and pull out points from each end. The bag bottom is 4" wide. Stitch across each end. Refer to Figure D below. Images below: mitered bottom and view looking down into bag.

NOTE: For another explanation on how to make mitered corners, go to: Gift Bags step 5: mitered corners

miter bottom corners




Upper Bag Binding

10. Add binding to the top edge of bag using the same method used for pocket top edge and side seams.


11. Make your handles per instructions below.

If using pre-quilted fabric for handles:
Turn under and press 1/4" on each side of handle. Fold one side almost entirely over the other, right side out, and topstitch along the side edge, sewing the two folded edges together. Topstitch along the opposite side edge. Press. Zig-zag along raw edges on ends of handles. Turn ends under 1/2" and topstitch hem.

If using fabric and interfacing for handles:
Cut two strips of fabric 3" x 22". Cut four pieces of fairly stiff interfacing (such as Pellon Craft Fuse mentioned on page one) measuring 21.5" x 1". Cut four because 2 are needed per handle. I found that one layer of this interfacing was not quite enough. Two layers added just the right amount of stiffness.

handle Press under all four edges of handle fabric 1/4". Place the two layers of fusible interfacing inside the lower and end folds of the handle fabric. Fold over the handle fabric so that the interfacing is totally covered. Press. Topstitch around all four edges, 1/8" from edge.

tote bag handle 12. Attach Handles
On inside of bag, place handles approximately 6" inches from each side seam of bag (or per your preference). Handle ends should overlap the bag about 1/4" beyond the binding stitch line. Pin into place. Stitch a rectangle or square line of stitching around the overlap area to secure the handles in place. Stitch a small "X" inside squre for added security (optional). Stitching is enhanced in photograph at right.

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