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Insulated Tea Cozy

free sewing pattern

tea cozy pattern

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covers 6 cup tea pot

Designer: Christina Sherrod

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Properly Served Tea

Properly served tea is not a tea bag dipped into hot water that has been zapped in the microwave. To create that perfect cup of tea, heat the tea water, add it to your warmed porcelain pot (warmed by running warm water through it), and then add loose tea to the pot. Let it set until the flavor strength is to your taste. Pour tea into cups that are covered with a strainer. Keep your tea hot with your beautiful new tea cozy.


This pattern will make a tea cozy that covers a 6 cup pot of tea



One 9.5" x 19" piece of outer fabric

One 9.5" x 19" lining fabric


Two pieces Insul-Bright*, each measuring 5" x 9.5"
*(or cotton batting, if you are not using Insul-Bright)

1 yard 1/4" ribbon

rotary cutter / cutting mat (or scissors)

Large sewing ruler

washable fabric marker


1. Cut Fabric Pieces / Press Under Ends

Cut 19" x 9.5" lining

Cut 19" x 9.5" outer fabric

Cut two pieces 5" x 9.5" Insul-Bright insulation

Cut 1 yard of 1/4" ribbon

Iron under 1/4" on each short end of lining and outer fabric.

mark and baste insul-bright 2. Mark Fabric / Baste Insul-bright (insulation)

On the right side of the lining, draw two dots 2" from the edge of one short end, so that the dots are 2" from the short end and right next to the side edges. Draw two more dots 1/2" from the first set of dots. Repeat on the opposite short end. You will now have 4 dots on each short end.

Draw a line across the center.

Turn piece to wrong side. Repeat all markings. Place Insul-Bright so that top edge is 1/4" from center line. Baste along sides, close to edge. Repeat on other side of center line.

If you are using batting instead of Insul-Bright, skip the part on adding the Insul-Bright. You will add batting at a later step.

stitch right sides together 3. Stitch Outer Fabric To Lining

Pin outer fabric and lining right sides together.

Stitch along two long sides, leaving casing areas (area between dots) open. Blue lines on right represent stitch areas. Use 1/4" seam.


stitch gathering lines 4. Gather Center


With the piece right side out, draw a line 1/4" on each side of the center line. Using a long basting stitch, stitch 2 gathering lines, using your drawn lines as a guide. Leave long tails on your thread.

Photo: stitched line is shown in red.

create gathers Pull on the upper threads of one end with one hand, while adjusting gathers with the other end. Pull until wide at center equals 4.25". NOTE: tie off ends of thread to hold gathers in place.

The following photograph shows a single layer of fabric that is gathered. This is an example of gathering.

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