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Table Trivet

protect your table
quick & easy: 2 styles

table trivet sewing pattern
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Decorative Trivet: Square - no binding

Designer: Christina Sherrod

table trivet sewing pattern These instructions create a 7" square trivet. It does not use bias binding.

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Go to page 1 for a list of supplies.

Trivet Size

The instructions create a 7" square trivet. Change the size to fit your needs.

Directions - Square Trivet

All seams are 1/4"

1. Cut Fabric & Insulation

fabrics Cut one each lining and decorative outer fabric - each measuring 7.5" x 7.5". Cut one piece insul-bright insulation, measuring 7.25" x 7.5". If you wish to add cotton batting, cut a piece of batting measuring 7.25" x 7.5"

2. Press Under One Edge Of Fabric

press fabric for trivet Press under 1/4" on one edge of the lining and the outer decorative fabric. Then unfold the fabric. I created two trivets that were reversible. Each had gold print on one side and blue print on the other. I used one piece of insul-bright and didn't worry about which direction the shiny side faced.

3. Layer / Pin Fabric & Insulation

layer trivet fabrics Layer the insulation and fabric as follow:

insulation on the bottom, shiny side up
decorative fabric right side up
lining fabric wrong side up

Line up layers so that the folded edges of the lining and outer fabric are at the top, and the insulation lines up with the fabrics across the bottom and at the sides. The top edges with the folds will overhang the insulation by 1/4".

Pin all three layers together, placing pins close to the outside edge.

4. Stitch Layers Together

stitch trivet fabrics Stitch around all four sides, using a 1/14" seam allowance. Leave the middle third of the side with folded edges open for turning.

5. Turn Right Side Out & Topstitch

trim fabric corners Trim all four corners, close to the stitching. Turn right side out by pulling through the opening. Use a turning tool to push out the corners (or the blunt end of a large crochet works well). Press. Topstitch around all four sides, close to the edge. This will close the area we left open for turning. Add quilting if you wish.

square table trivet pattern

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Page 2: square trivet
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