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Replace Swimsuit Bra Hook

Tutorial: replace hook closure

replace swimsuit bra hook

Replace your broken plastic hook with a sturdy metal hook

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Why Use Metal?

Swimsuits often come with plastic hooks in the bra; these are not strong and usually break. We have all had (or at least feared having) a swimsuit bra hook break. After this happened to both me and my daughter, I really wondered why some swimsuits come with plastic in the first place.

Don't get caught with a broken swimsuit hook! Replace the plastic hook with a metal one before disaster strikes. OR - if disaster has already struck, there is no need to toss out your swimsuit. It is quite easy to replace the broken plastic hook with a good metal hook.

Dritz makes metal hooks, as do other companies. Do a Google search for "metal bra hooks" and you will find several sources.

Metal Hooks

swim suit hook One hook is needed per swim suit bra. Measure the width of your strap (the strap that contained the broken hook) and purchase a hook that is large enough for this strap. I used a ¾" hook.


elastic 1) Use a seam ripper (or very sharp scissors) to remove the thread on the side that holds the hook (should be right side if the swim suit is on the table with straps right side up). Our suit had a plastic hook that had already broken. The photo on the right shows the side that will contain the new, metal hook.

feed hook through loop 2) Feed the raw end through the enclosed loop of the hook. NOTE: The open end of the hook should face upward (toward top of swim suit).

stitch hook in place 3) Stitch the raw end in place. I added a line of stitching close to the hook to keep the hook more securely in place. Stitch lines are enhanced in the photo on the right.

install elastic Need help with elastic? See our Attach Elastic tutorial.

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