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hand made gift tags

Hand Made Gift Bags

scan images to create stickers

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fold over lunch bag size and larger size with rope handle

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Scan Images & Print Stickers

Custom gift bags need not be expensive. A trip to the craft store taught me that stickers can be cost prohibitive. Plus I wanted to create a unique gift bag for my daughter, so I wanted unique stickers. I scanned fabric that I knew she would love, printed the image to a one-label sheet, then cut out the images (in this case, flowers). I then put my "custom stickers" on the bag. I added ribbon and bling. The fabric used happened to be the same fabric I used for her pleated apron. She loved it! The bag actually tied in with the actual gift.

Economical, because you can use your "odds & ends" from other projects.

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paper bags in lunch bag size (they are 12 for $2.99 at Party City, in the pary favor section)
large gift bag with rope handle ($1 at a dollar store)
ribbon - 5/8" and 1.5" (I got my 5/8" at a dollar store)
ribbon backed with tape (self-adhesive tape)
full sheet labels (the image on the right shows my printed labels)
object to photograph or scan
bling or other adornment (I used self-adhesive "gems") (check a dollar store)
computer, scanner or camera
hole punch
gift tag supplies


1.  Scan / Photograph Image

Scan or photograph fabric or other object, then print the image to a full sheet label. I scanned fabric, then cut out the indiviidual flowers using Paint Shop Pro. You can also photograph the fabric and print the entire photo. I cut out the flowers to save ink.
scan fabric to create sticker 2.  Fold Over Bag Top

Fold over the top of a "lunch bag" type bag.
fold over top of bag
3.  Add Ribbon To Edge

Cut the tape backed ribbon to the width of the bag. Peel off the backing from the tape backed ribbon and attach the ribbon to the edge of the folded bag top.
attach ribbon to bag edge 4.  Punch Holes

Wrap a piece of wide ribbon over the top of the bag. Use a hole punch a hole through all layers (ribbon and bag). Repeat. You need to have two pieces of ribbon and two holes. The holes need to be even spaced from the center of the bag.
punch holes in bag
5.  Place Gift In Bag

Place the gift inside the bag. You need to do this now, because at this point you will tie the bag shut. Run a narrow ribbon from the front to the back, through one hole. then run it from the back to the front through the other hole. Hold the large ribbons in place as you do this.
run ribbon through bag top 6.  Add Sticker & Bling

Cut out stickers and remove backing. Place stickers(s) on bag and add bling or other embellishments as desired.
add stickers and bling to bag
finished small bag shown on right

I made the stickers by scanning the fabric I used in the apron. This made a nice gift. The apron matched the gift bag I presented the apron in.

pleated apron
make matching apron
finished small gift bag 7.  Create Large Bag

Add stickers and bling to the large bag with rope handles. Place the gift inside the large bag. You need to do this now, because at this point you will tie the bag shut. Tie a bow with the rope handles. Tie two color coordinated ribbons around the rope handle.

Ribbon cutting: read our product review article for a one step ribbon cutter and sealer.

Ribbon Cutter & Sealer
finished large gift bag

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pleated apron
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