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special occasion card

Special Occasion Cards

using stamps, stencils
& gel pens

"A Day To Remember" sticker plus a favorite quote made this sweet 16 card a very personal gift.

Project by Aleah Sherrod

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Make your own Halloween greeting cards or party invitations. These cards are easy and fun to create. Make it a family project!

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Card Stock - This card was made with one full sheet of card stock, which measured 8.5" x 11". It was folded cross-wise to create a card measuring 5.5" x 8.5".

Gel Pens - Gel pens come in a large variety of colors. To add sparkle, use metallic gel pens. See our free card instructions for examples of watercolor pens, which also work well.

Paper for the front and inside greeting - I chose a nice resume quality paper for the interior greeting and two 4" x 6" sheets of scrapbook paper for the front of the card (one plaid and one with circles).

Stamps, Stencils & Stickers - I used one clear sticker that says "A Day To Remember", a stamp that says "Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much", plus stencils to outline the bird, leaves, swirl designs and flowers.

Double Sided Tape or glue - to adhere the front papers to the card stock, and to adhere the inside greeting paper to the card stock on the inside of the card.

special occasion cards


Assemble your supplies
Watercolor pens (or felt tip markers), gel pens, stencils, double sided tape (or glue stick), scissors, paper cutter (easier to cut a straight line than using scissors), printed greetings, various colors of card stock or construction paper and scrapbook paper or other decorative paper for the front of the card. NOTE: Create your inside greeting with a stamp, your own hand written message or computer printed text.

Cut your cardstock and papers
Cut your card stock to the desired size for your cards. The finished size of my card (when folded) was5.5" x 8.5". Once you know your card size, cut various colors of paper and card stock to use as decoration. Layering papers adds a nice touch, and helps make your designs stand out. I used two papers for this card.

Create the card front
Lay out the papers. When you are happy with the design, glue the papers to the cardstock (front of the card). Use stencils to create outlines for areas that will be filled in with gel pens. Add stamp designs and stickers. Use gel pens, paint or markers to fill in the open stenciled areas.


Glue paper to the inside of the card. Hand write your greeting or add stamp greeting. If you prefer, print a greeting using your computer, then cut the paper to the correct size and glue printed paper to the inside of the card.

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