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silk flower hair clip

Silk Flower Hair Clip
using polyester silk

melted edges produce beautiful petals

project by Aleah Sherrod

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Melted Edge Floral Petals

CAUTION: This project is quick and easy, but must be done carefully to prevent burns. Take necessary precautions to prevent harm to yourself and others. The petals are created by melting the edges of polyester silk. If the fabric melts onto your skin, you can get serious burns. We made the flowers next to a sink, so water was readily available. We also used tongs so that our hands never came close to the polyester or flame during melting. DO NOT allow the polyester to come into contact with the flame - hold it only close enough to produce melting at the edges. It melts very quickly, so only a moment near the flame is needed. Continue to hold the petal using tongs until it is completely cooled.

This project taught me the dangers of using polyester in clothing. Being close to a flame was enough to cause the fabric to heat up to the point of melting - very scary!

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1/4 yard polyester silk (you will use 1" to 2" squares so 1/4 yard makes many flowers)

Thread (to match seed beads) and sewing needle

Seed beads (approx. 4-5 per flower)

Hair clip or bobby pin

Candle and match or lighter

Metal Tongs (to hold fabric during melting)

Hot Glue Gun

Take all normal precautions for working with a flame
polyester silk flower supplies

polyester silk flower supplies

Prepare Fabric Pieces

Cut fabric into 1", 1.5" and 2" squares


Using tongs, hold one square of fabric so that it is near the flame, but NOT touching the flame. Turn it to melt the edges. Pull away from the flame as soon as the edge is melted. NOTE: It will melt quickly so you must work quickly. Edges will become darker if they are heated more. Experiment with melting to get the effect you desire.

hold polyester silk for melting
do not touch flame
melt edge of polyester silk petal
edge curling as it melts
melted edges of polyester silk petals
finished petals

Stack the petals into several layers. We used 3 layers for our flower. Mix and match sizes, or use all one size.
layer petals

The seed beads create the flower center. We chose black beads to create the look of a poppy.

Thread the needle; do not make a knot.

A. Come up through the petals from the back to the top of the flower. Place a bead on the needle and push it to the flower center (figure 1 below).

B. Place a seed bead in the flower center. Push the still threaded needle down through the bead and all layers of petals to the back of the flower (figures 2 and 3 below).

add bead
figure 1
add second bead
figure 2
back of flower
figure 3

4. Repeat steps 3-A and 3-B until you have the desired number of beads in the center, ending with the needle on the back side of the flower. Trim ends of thread and tie off. trim and knot end of thread

Use a hot glue gun to attach the flower to the hair clip or bobby pin.
glue flower to clip

Beautiful flowers

You are now finished! Create flowers for accessories and home decor.
finished silk flower hair clip

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