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Imaginisce fabric cutter and sealer

Imaginisce ®

i-magicut ribbon cutter & sealer

Product Review

cut & seal
in one step

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Ribbon Cutter & Sealer

Cut and seal ribbon in one step. No need for fabric fray application. This cutter quickly cuts straight across or on an angle, then seals the edges. Battery powered.

We did not receive any compensation for reviewing this product. The product was provided to us free of charge, for the purpose of providing a review.

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Imaginisce® Ribbon Cutter


Cutting Mat (optional)

ribbon cutting supplies

Review Comments

The ribbon cutter is an excellent tool for cutting ribbon. No frazzled edges! It's a little difficult to do fancy ends because the ribbon slips, but with patience you can make it happen get your desired effect.

Heats up fast and you only have to hold it down for a couple seconds to cut and seal the ribbon. Nice and small andeasily stored. 

Angle Cut

Fold the ribbon and place it at an angle on the cutter, following the guide lines on the cutter.
place ribbon on ribbon cutter Close Up Angle Cut

The guide lines help with alignment of angle or straight cuts.
angle cut ribbon cutter
Close Cutter On Ribbon

Hold cutter down for 3-5 seconds per packaging. Only takes a minute to heat up to effective temperature.
hold ribbon for ribbon cutter Angle Finished

Remove ribbon from cutter. Unfold ribbon.
finished angle cut on ribbon
Straight Cut

Following the guide lines on the cutter, lay the ribbon straight across the cutter.
cut ribbon straight Close Up Straight Cut

For a straight cut, the ribbon does not need to be folded.
straight cut ribbon

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