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Quilted Glasses Case
With Contrast Cuff

used double sided prequilted fabric

quilted glasses case pattern

Quick & Easy
With double-sided, prequilted fabric

Start with our tutorial on making your own stunning double-sided prequilted fabric (see below).

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It starts with your own custom prequilted fabric!

DIY prequilted fabric Step one is to go to our free totorial on making your own double-sided, prequilted fabric. Why learn how to make it yourself? Double-sided, prequilted fabric comes and goes in stores, and tends to be quite expensive. It is very easy to make - and by making it yourself you have an endless set of choices for the fabric.

Use your double sided prequilted fabric for totes, glasses cases, appliance covers, phone covers and many other projects.

Follow the tutorial to make one 8.5" square of double-sided prequilted fabric. Go to: Prequilted Fabric Tutorial.

Glasses Case Size

Finished size: 3.75" x 6.5"

All seams are 1/4".


One 8.5" square of double-sided prequilted fabric.
Binding Cuff Edge: One strip of binding fabric measuring 9" x 1.5"
Binding Inside Seam (optional): One strip of binding fabric measuring 7" x 1.5"

thread to match background of fabric
large sewing ruler (optional but nice to have)
scissors or rotary cutter


Create Cuff Edge Binding

make seam binding Fold the binding in half wrong sides together, lengthwise. Press. Unfold and fold in the outer edges to the center fold. Press. Unfold.

stitch seam binding Decide which side of the fabric will be the outside (I chose the floral side). Stitch the binding to the outside of the prequilted fabric, lining up edges. Stitch along the fold line (or approximately 1/4" from the edge).

The stitching is enhanced in red.

finished seam binding Flip the binding to the opposite side (blue) and machine stitch into place, close to the folded edge. Square up the block (even up the sides and trim off any excess binding).

Create Cuff

create cuff Turn the block right side up. Turn the upper edge of the block down 1.75". This creates the cuff. Pin the cuff in a couple of places to hold it down.

stitch sideseams of glasses case Fold the block lengthwise (fold line is top to bottom), right sides together. Pin. Stitch the side seam, and across the bottom edge.
OPTIONAL: If you wish to cover your inside seam with seam binding, but a piece of binding long enough for the side seam, and 1.5" wide.

I serged across the bottom edge, and used my regular machine to straight stitch the sideseam. The stitching is enhanced in red.

finished inside of glasses case Attach the sideseam binding the same way the cuff edge binding was attached. I pressed under the end of the binding that would be at the top of the case, so that it had a finished edge that would not later ravel. This binding is not necessary, but I feel it makes a nicely finished case. I don't like to look inside items and see raw seam edges.

Turn your new glasses case right side out. I used a large, metal crochet hook to push out the corners.

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