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SENCH™ Needle

Side Threading Needle

Product Review

side thread needle Spiral Eye and Sench
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Product Review: Side Threading Needle by SENCH™

Article By: Christina Sherrod

Pam Turner, of sells both the Spiral Eye ® Needle and the SENCH™ Needle. Both needles are side threading. Her website provides a good explanation of the differences between the two. She provided SENCH™ needles for our review. Other than the product itself, we did not receive any compensation.

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Review Comments

Sench side thread needlesWhat a wonderful product! It threads easily - a huge benefit for those who have trouble seeing. The design removes the frustration of threading needles.

When working with regular needles, I search for a needle with an eye large enough to work with, and then I make several attempts to cut the thread so there is no "fuzzy end", and then I lick the end of the thread and twist it in an attempt to fit it into the eye.

The side threading needle removes all of those steps. An opening on the side of the needle provides a slot to slip the thread into.

Simply fold the thread and wrap it around the needle, then slip it through the side slot and pull it through the eye.

Sench side thread needlesMy experience: Being able to see the eye perfectly is not required. The eye of the needle is small. For lower vision people, the eye is still difficult to see, and the side opening is difficult to spot. That is OK, however, because seeing the eye and side opening perfectly is not necessary. I took off my glasses as a "true test". After a few attempts, I had it working perfectly.

For easy threading, wrap the thread around the needle, then gently slide the thread toward the eye. The thread will catch at the side opening. When you feel the catch, pull down slightly (this brings the thread into the side opening), then pull up to pull the thread into the eye.

The needles come in a variety of sizes and types. Her website also provides a link to a tutorial on using the needle to bury thread when quilting.

As Pam says, the SENCH needles are a "cinch" to thread.

For more information, or to purchase the Spiral Eye Needle or the Sench needle, go to:

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