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Pillows & Pillowcases

Reversible Pocket Pillow

reversible Pocket Pillow

Pillowcase Or Decorative Pillow
Inside Pocket Holds Pillow In Place

reversible Pocket PillowUse this method to create a pillowcase or a cover for a decorative pillow.

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Inside Pocket Holds Pillow In Place

I used this method to create a reversible decorative pillow cover. My daughter liked the blue side; I liked the pattern side. It's nicely finished, so either way works. This same method can be used to make a pillowcase that holds your bed pillow in place. The hem area would be wider. For the deocorative pillow, the hem that extends beyond the pocket is only 1". For sizes and instructions for making a basic pillowcase, refer to Pillowcase Pattern: standard, queen and king.

Choose Pillow Size

Your finished pillow cover should be a snug fit if it is to be used for a decorative pillow. If using this method to create a pillowcase for a bed pillow, refer to our basic pillowcase pattern for overall dimensions (link above). The dimensions used in these instructions were for a 14" pillow.

Cut Fabric

The pillow cover front is shorter in length than the back. This is because the back contains the pocket. Both front and back have a 1" flange, or overhang, on the open end. It is hemmed under on the front. On the back, it is hemmed as well, but extends on up inside to create the inside pocket. The "back" to my pillow was teh blue side. My pillow measured 15" square. My fabric for the height of the pillow for both front and back was 14.5". This allows for seam allowances. The side of the pillow contains a hemmed area that extends beyond the pillow (see close-up at right). Therefore, the length of the pillow front equals the pillow width (14") plus 1/4" for the closed end seam allowance plus 2.5" for the overhang hem area.

Pillow Front: Measure your pillow width. Write down that number; I will call it "W". Your fabric width for the front will be cut to W + 2.75". The height of the fabric will be the height of the pillow + 1/2"

Pillow Back: Your fabric width for the back will be cut to W + 5.75". This allows for a 3" pocket inside. The height of the fabric will be the height of the pillow + 1/2" (same as the front).

pocket pillow pattern

Prepare Pillow Front & Back Pieces

Front: (white pattern fabric for my pillow) Fold under 1/2" on the end that will be left open. Fold under another 1". Press but do NOT stitch. See photo at right.
Back: (blue side for my pillow) Fold under 1/2". Press. Stitch hem, stitching close to hem edge.

press hem pillow front

Stitch Front & Back Together

Place front on a flat surface, wrong side up. Place the back piece over the front piece, right side down, lining up the unfinished ends (the ends without folds) and the two sides. The folded end of the back will extend beyond the folded end of the front.

Fold the back piece up and over the front piece, so that the sides match in length. Pin along the two sides and end, leaving the end with folded fabric uunpinned. Stitch the three pinned sides, using a 1/4" seam. Clip off the corners at the finished end (so you will have a nicer corner when you turn the cover right side out).

For clarity, I stitched up a "mini pillow". The top right photo shows the longer back piece, and the shorter front piece. The bottom photo shows the cover after the three sides have been stitched.

pocket pillow pattern
pocket pillow

Flip Pocket Right Side Out

This part is easy to do, but a little difficult to explain. Your back hem now lies on top of the front piece, inside out. Here is the tricky part. Turn the pocket right side out. It will fall onto the back piece, right side out, and you will now have an open end to the pillow.

pocket pillow pattern

Create The Flange (overhang)

Now it is time to create the extra little hem area on the open end of the pillow cover. I added this part because if you wanted to create a pillowcase with inside pocket, this part is necessary. Instead of 1", you would have allowed for about 3.5" on both front and back pieces.

Open the pillow and stitch 1" from the edge all the way around. For clarity, I the tiny cover I made. The mini pillow cover shows the inside better.

pocket pillow pattern

Place Pillow Inside Pocket In Cover

Place your pillow into your new cover so that the pillow is inside the pocket. From the side the little 1" hem extends off the pillow, and the pillow is hidden inside the pocket.

pocket pillow pattern

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