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Pajama Pants Construction

Lesson 4: Attach A Cuff

free pajama pants pattern Lesson 1: Create Pattern - Measure Method
Lesson 2: Create Pattern - Trace Method
Lesson 3: Sew Your Fabulous Pants

Add A Cuff For A Nice Finish

Use this lesson instead of adding a hem in lesson 3.
Lesson 1: Take measurements and draw a pattern based on measurements.
Lesson 2: Take an existing pair of pajama pants and turn them into a custom pattern.
Lesson 3: Sew your fabulous new pants!
Lesson 4: Add an adorable cuff to capri or full length pants.

Step by step, fully illustrated instructions.

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Lesson 4: Add A Cuff To Pant Leg

Now that you have created your pattern (lessons 1 and 2), and stitched together your fabulous new pants, you are ready to add a decorative cuff to the bottom of the pant legs. Use an adorable, color coordinated print, or a bold contrast. Mix and match fabric pattern designs, or use solids with pattern prints.

Sewing cuffs is quick and easy, and our method for attachment creates a nice finish, inside and out. This is a wonderful use of left-over scraps.

Choose Fabric

Set out fabrics that you think will work together as pajama pant and cuff. Combinations that are either color coordinated work well; contrast fabric also works. Go bold, pastel, solid, or mixed print. After laying out my fabrics, I chose two prints that were color coordinated (the two on the far right, bottom photo). The cuff print was a larger pattern, which set off the cuff from the pant leg.

REMEMBER TO PREWASH YOUR FABRIC. Wash and dry fabric before using. Iron as needed. This pre-shrinks the fabric.

If you are making pajamas for children, be sure to follow safety guidelines regarding flammability. For more information, read my article: Children's Sleepwear: Fire Retardant Fabric.

pajama fabric

pajama fabric

Cut Cuff Fabric

Measure the bottom edge of the pant leg. Multiply it by 2, then add 1/2" for seam allowances. This will be the length to cut the fabric. Note: my fabric had a horizontal print, so I had to be very careful to cut the fabric straight. The finished cuff will be the lower 3" of the pant leg. It is double sided (inside and outside pant leg), plus there are seam allowances. Therefore, it is cut 6.5" in height.

The bottom edge of my pant leg was 9.5". Therefore, I cut my cuff piece 19.5" x 6.5".

make cuff for pajama pants

Create Cuff

Fold the cuff fabric right sides together, lining up the short ends. Stitch across the short end using a 1/4" seam (I enhanced the stitching in red on the photo at right).

make cuff for pajama pants

Stitch Cuff To Pant Leg

Turn pants right side out. Turn cuff right side out. Place cuff inside pant leg, aligning cuff seam with inseam. Pin cuff to pant leg. Stitch cuff to pant leg, using a 1/4" seam.

stitch cuff to pant leg

Turn Cuff To Outside Of Pant Leg & Press Hem

Fold the cuff down, so the cuff is extended beyond the pant leg. The cuff will be inside out on the lower end of the pant leg. Press seam allowance toward cuff. Press cuff hem up 1/4" (see photo below).

stitch cuff to pant leg

stitch cuff to pant leg

Turn Cuff Up & Pin

Fold the cuff UP so that hem edge of cuff just covers seam allowance. Pin into place.

stitch cuff to pant leg

Stitch Stitch Into Place

Stitch all the way around the pant leg, close to the edge of the cuff. Your pants are now very nicely finished, inside and out. The photo on the right shows the inside of the pants leg. There is NO seam allowance running to the lower hem of the pants. The cuff seam allowance is inside of the cuff. This is a properly constructed cuff.

stitch cuff to pant leg

Lesson 1: Create Pattern - Measure Method
Lesson 2: Create Pattern - Trace Method
Lesson 3: Sew Your Fabulous Pants

cuffed pajama pants pattern

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