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pillow with piping trim free pattern

Home Decor Pillow

envelope back & piping trim

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5. Pin Piping To Pillow Front

Pin the piping to the right side of the pillow front, aligning edges. If you are using two layers for the pillow front, baste them together first, close to the edge.

Snip the piping at the corners to allow easy turning on corners.
pin on piping
Continue pinning around all four sides. Your piping will be longer than necessary. That is fine for now. Pin all the way around, leaving the tail of extra piping. pin piping to right side of pillow front
6. Baste Piping To Pillow Front / Finish Ends
Starting about 1/2" from piping end, begin basting piping to the pillow front. Baste over the first line of stitching. When you come around to the end, trim the piping as follows. Remove first basting line on piping as needed. Peel back the fabric and trim the cord so that both ends of cord meet one another. Trim the fabric so that it overlaps the first end by one inch. Tuck the unfinished end inside the end that is turned under.

Continue basting until all piping is securely attached to the pillow front.

NOTE: The basting line is enhanced on the photo on the right.
stitch piping ends
7. Create Pillow Back
Cut the 24.5" x 16.5" piece of fabric in two so that you have two pieces, each measuring 16.5" x 12.25".

Serge or zig-zag stitch across one 16.5" side of each piece. Iron under the serged side 2" on each piece to create a hemmed edge. Top stitch hem in place.

Lay down one pillow back piece, right side up. Lay down the second pillow back piece, also right side up, so that the two pieces overlap on the hemmed edges. The width should be 16.5" (adjust overlap amount so that the total width is 16.5"). Baste across the top and bottom edges.
finished pillow back

8. Stitch Pillow Back to Pillow Front
Pin pillow back to pillow front, right sides together.

Stitch front to back. The stitching line must be close to cord; do not stitch through the cord. This part takes a bit of practice. Feel for the cord as you stitch, to be sure you are close to the cord. Stitch around all four sides.

Turn pillow cover right side out. Basting should not sew, because the stitch line is inside the baste line. Turn wrong side out and remove basting or re-stitch areas as needed. If the seam allowances create excess bulk, trim the seam allowances.
pillow with piping trim

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