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Binding & Piping

continuous bias binding

corded or flat piping

piping and bias binding lesson
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Binding vs Piping

Lesson by: Christina Sherrod

What is the difference between piping and binding? Binding wraps around the outer edges of a layered project, finishing off the edges and binding the layers together (outside edges of a quilt). Piping adds dimension and trim, and can be added to the outside edge (pillow with corded piping added as extension to the outside edges), or on the item itself (trim on our wall hanging).

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Binding adds a nice finished edge to items made from layers of fabric, such as placemats, quilts and apparel. It also binds the layers together along the outer edges. Binding is cut on the bias so that it can be eased around the corners and curves of the edges of the item it is finishing. 


corded piping Piping can be corded (a cord is placed inside the fold of the fabric, giving it a raised, 3 dimensional effect), or it can be flat (contains no cord). The following photo shows fabric being stitched around a cord to create corded piping. Piping is added to projects as a trim. Rather than merely a strip of fabric pieced with other strips, it is actually stitched on the raw edges, and the folded edge is free and is slightly raised from the project. Piping can be placed on the outide edge, such as with our pillow project, or it can be placed as trim, such as with our pillowcase and Thanksgiving wall hanging projects.

Try It!

The following free sewing projects provide lessons on creating your own corded piping and adding it to a pillow, creating flat piping and adding it to a pillowcase, and creating flat piping and adding to a Thanksgiving wallhanging.

pillow with piping Corded Piping Trimmed Pillow

Create your own corded piping and add it to a pillow. Envelope back pillow instructions included.

pillow with piping trim Flat Piping Trimmed Pillow

Add flat piping as trim to the cuff of a pillowcase. Pillowcase instructions included.

wall hanging piping instructions Wall Hanging

Add flat piping as trim to this beautiful wall hanging. Use this technique to trim quilts, hot pads and other items.

continuous bias binding lesson Continuous Bias Binding

Make your own continuous bias binding.

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