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pencil holder

Pencil Holder

organize your desk

Recycle metal cans into beautiful desk holders for pencils, pens & scissors

project by Aleah Sherrod

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Desk Organizing Pencil Holder

Turn an ordinary aluminum can into a beautiful desk accessory and organize your desk at the same time! No need to throw away aluminum cans - reclycle into a usable item.

Economical, because you can use alunimum cans you already have, and left over papers and embellishment from your scrapbook and other craft projects.

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aluminum can: washed and dried


scrapbook paper wide enough to cover can (or a piece of fabric)

self-adhesive ribbon

glue dots

tape measure

embellishments (small flowers shown in bottles, plus "embroidered" butterfly stickers)
pencil holder supplies


1.  Wash / Dry Metal Can

Wash and dry thoroughly one can.
wash aluminum can 2.  Cut Paper

Measure your can. Mine was an average vegetable can size. The height was 4 1/8", and the length around (circumference) was 9 2/8".

Cut the scrapbook paper or fabric to the size of your can (in my case I cut the scrapbook paper 4 1/8" x 9 2/8"). 

If your paper is not long enough, it can be pieced as shown on the right.
cut paper for can
3.  Apply Glue To Can

I used glue dots to attach the paper, less mess!
apply glue to can 4.  Wrap Paper Around Can

Wrap the paper around the can. Use glue to attach paper to can. Glue dots are wonderful because they can be tucked under embellishment (so they are not visible). This one will be covered with ribbon. I put one on the top, bottom, and middle of the paper seam.
glue dot showing
5.  Add Ribbon

I used self-dhesive ribbon. 
Regular, non-stick ribbon could be used with glue dots. Strips of scrapbook trim could be used as an alternative (with glue dots), but the ribbon adds more dimension.
trim supplies Finished Through Step 5

Attach the ribbon as desired to create borders. I made sure all border seams were in back where the paper seam was. This way I created a "front" that would face forward on my desk : )
finished trim
  embellishment supplies 6.  Add Embellishments

I had some pretty lace butterfly stickers; they made very pretty additions to my pencil holder. Buttons, stickers and other items could also be used. I decided to add some flowers.
add embellishment   flowers

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