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paper mache box

Paper Mache
Decorator Box

designer storage box

By Aleah Sherrod

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paper mache box
Turn a cardboard box into a designer storage piece for your bedroom or dorm room. Store keys and other small items where you can find them. Use buttons and tissue paper or napkins to create a beautiful paper mache storage box. Quick & easy!

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1 box (Walmart, Michael's, Joann's or other craft supply store)

Tissue paper or napkins

School Glue

Paint Brush (roller brush works well)

Hot glue gun, glue sticks (if needed for decorations)

Miscellaneous decorations such as ready made bows, beads, "jewels", flowers, buttons, etc.
box supplies


1. Paint a medium layer of glue on top of the box lid. add glue
2. Lay down ripped pieces of napkin or tissue paper (small to medium pieces) on top of the glue; it is ok if the pieces extend beyond the edge of the lid. add glue
3. Next, cover ALL tissue paper with a thin to medium layer of glue. Pieces that extend beyond the lid edge can be glued down to the sides of the lid or wrapped around to the inside of the lid if necessary. finished lid
4. Allow lid to dry. Use the hot glue gun to decorate your box lid with buttons, ribbon, flowers or other items. decorated lid
5. Repeat steps 1-4 above for the box itself, or leave the box plain. You can also paint the box and use the paper only on the lid. Try different methods for different effects. The photo on the right shows a button on our box lid. decorated box lid

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