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free oven mitt pattern

Oven Mitt Pattern

create an oven mitt using insul-bright insulation

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Insul-bright Oven Mitt

This project uses Insul-Bright. It is a fabulous insulation material that keeps heat or cold out. It also keeps hot things hot or cold things cold. I made my mitt using this material, and then placed my hand (in mitt) against a hot crock pot with no problem.

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Measures 8" tall x 16.5" wide

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Fabric: I will refer to the fabric used in this project. Substitute for your fabric. NOTE: One fat quarter is sufficient for lining or outer fabric if there is no shrinkage.
Outer Fabric: 1/2 yard (or two 9" x 17" pieces)
Cotton Batting **: 1/2 yard (or two 9" x 17" pieces)
Lining Fabric: 1/2 yard (or two 9" x 17" pieces)
Insul-Bright Insulation: two 9" x 17" piece.

** Use cotton batting (rather than polyester) for projects that will come into contact with heat.

Visit our Store to purchase insulation.

Pattern Pieces

The pattern was too large to fit onto one piece of paper, so it was broken into three pieces. Print all three pages, then join them together on the dotted lines.

Check the size against your hand to ensure that the pattern is large enough and/or long enough for you.

Our patterns download as pdf files. For instructions on downloading pdf files,
go to: pdf instructions.

Pattern Piece A
Pattern Piece B
Pattern Piece C


Use 1/4" seams

1.  Cut out all three pattern pieces. Tape them together at dotted lines.

2.  Cut two OPPOSITE pieces from outer fabric. Cut two OPPOSITE pieces from lining fabric. Cut two pieces from batting and two pieces from insulation. NOTE: It can be helpful to cut the batting, insulation and lining slightly larger than your outer fabric. That way, if things slip a bit while sewing you have enough area to cover the right side. You can always trim the extra later, but you cannot add fabric.
3.  Create two opposite sides for mitt. For each side, layer the following: outer fabric on the botton (wrong side up), then insulation, then batting, then lining (right side up) on top.

fabric pieces
layer pieces
4.  Pin the four layers together. pin layers
5.  Zig-zag stitch around the outer edge of each side, stitching through all four layers. Trim edges. zig zag stitch
6.  Place the two finished sides together, outer fabrics together, and stitch around the outside edge (using a straight stitch). Stitch just inside your zig-zag stitch. Be sure to stitch through all layers of each side. Turn mitt right side out. Add binding around the lower edge. If you want a hanging loop, cut a couple of inches extra on the length of binding. Make one twist to create a circle and hand or machine stitch the end of the binding to the mitt.

      Binding Instructions       Instructions for adding a loop

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