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Reversible Placemat

pre-quilted fabric and lace

quick & easy!

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reversible placematDesigner: Christina Sherrod

This is truly a quick and easy pattern. Trimmed in pretty lace (or your favorite trim). Made with double sided prequilted fabric, this placemat is reversible! Purchase ready-made prequilted fabric, or make your own. 

Go to: make your own pre-quilted fabric to learn how to make your own double sided, prequilted fabric.

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Placemat Size

The finished Placemat measures approximately 11" x 13" (without lace).


TIP: Pre-wash your fabric and lace. This way, your placemats won't shrink after they are made.

Lace / Trim
8.5 yards of lace (allow 50" - or about 1.5 yards - per placemat) - or trim of your choice

Cut a pattern out of paper that measures 13.5" x 11.5"
Place a glass upside down in each corner and trim the corners to make them rounded, or use my template. The template is for my free glasses case pattern, but it works for anywhere you need a rounded corner. You can make the pattern rounded, or use the template to round the fabric after the rectangular piece has been cut.

3/4 yard of 42"-44" width double-sided pre-quilted Christmas fabric (this makes six 11" x 13" placemats). 3/4 yard is 27".

NOTE: You will need a fabric length of 24" and width of 41". If you purchase 3/4 yard of fabric that is at least 42" wide, this allows for some shrinkage.

Sewing Supplies

thread to match lace (or trim)
sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)


All seams are 1/4"

1. Cut Fabric Pieces

reversible placematFollow the diagram for lay-out.

The pattern corners are square in this diagram; I cut rectangular fabric, then used the template to round the corners.

2. Hem Placemat

reversible placemat Turn under a 1/4" hem all the way around the placemat. Stitch down the hem. This is the "wrong side". Don't worry - it will be finished in lace, so will become a second, finished side.

On the "wrong side" (hem facing you) pin the lace all around the edge of the placemat, covering the hem. Overlap the ends of the lace about 1". The overlapped ends should be just to the side of a corner (where they will be noticed less).

Stitch the lace into place. Your placemat is now "finished" on both sides.

hemmed side
Hemmed Side

lace side
Lace side: Lace Covers Hem

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