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dinosaur wall hanging pattern

Dinosaur Wall Hanging

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for pattern and list of supplies.

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Hang outside your child's bedroom door and tuck "treats" or messages into the pocket. Also see our Country Girl center.

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DINOSAUR Directions

Go to Message Center Main Page
for pattern and list of supplies.

1. Cut out fabric pieces Cut two 14.5" x 14.5" pieces for front and back of wall hanging. Cut one 13.5" x 2" strip for hanging sleeve. Cut two 4.5" x 4.5" squares. Refer to layout diagram at right. Cut one 7" x 7" piece for dinosaur, and two 4.5" x 4.5" squares for background of pocket diamond.
dinosaur wallhanging pattern

2-3. Refer to COUNTRY GIRL instructions for steps 2-3 (Preparing Applique & Making Pocket)

4. Attach appliqué pieces

See Free Appliqué Lesson for instructions on using fusible web to attach dinosaur and letters appliques.

Place the appliqué dinosaur piece onto the right side of the banner top. Do not iron the piece down until you are sure of placement.

Letters: If you wish to add letters, do so at this time. Cut out squares or rectangles from fusible web and fabric to fit your letters. Next, trace the letters onto the paper side of the fusible web. The letters on the paper side of the web will be backwards. Follow the package directions for attaching the fusible web to your letter fabric (iron the non-paper side of the web to the wrong side of the fabric). Now, you can cut out your letters. Then, iron the letters onto the right side of the banner front (be sure of placement before ironing). Optional: stitch a zig-zag around the outer edges of the letters (close satin stitch or "crazy" zig-zag). This will hold them securely. If you are going to wash the banner by hand, you may not need to sew the letters into place. If you are not going to add the stitching, be sure they are securely ironed. You can finish the edges with fabric paint to help prevent fraying. Spray-on glitter can also add a nice touch.

After you are sure of placement, iron the pieces into place.

5. Make hanging sleeve
Refer to Hanging Sleeve Directions to learn how to make a hanging sleeve. Sew sleeve onto right side of backing as described in that section.

6. Assemble wall hanging
Layer your wall hanging as follows: backing on the bottom, wrong side up, then felt or batting, then top, right side up. Hand baste the three layers together.

7. Binding
Cut across the width of your binding fabric, creating a 1.5" strip. Cut across again, creating a second 1.5" strip. Sew the strips together across one short end, creating one long strip.

Refer to Assembling & Binding Directions to learn how to bind your wallhanging.

8. Fabric paints
Refer to # 7 under COUNTRY GIRL directions, for instructions on use of paints. I add just a fine line of paint around the perimeter of the applique piece. This outlines the piece and helps it adhere more strongly. Refer to the photo below.

free country girl and dinosaur applique dinosaur applique

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