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Mosaic Box

uses just torn paper and glue
create a beautiful storage box

By Kayla Sherrod

mosaic box

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Watch my free video for full instruction on painting and adding texture to paper mache. For this video, I used numbers to create a 30th birthday table decoration.

Mosaic Box

Designer: Kayla Sherrod

Tearing paper helps decrease anxiety, so this is a great project for anyone going through a stressful situation. Place unused pieces of torn paper into ziplock bags for future use. Glue sticks can be used in place of decoupage, which would make this an ideal project for anyone confined to a bed (such as a hospital patient).

Turn a cardboard box into a designer storage piece for your bedroom, hospital room, or dorm room. Store keys and other small items where you can find them. Create a beautiful finish by painting over the box with decoupage, gloss or semi gloss varnish when finished (optional).

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supplies 1 paper mache box (purchase from craft supply store)
several sheets of paper, in multiple colors 
school glue, glue sticks or decoupage 
paint brush (small roller brush works well) 
spray-on or brush on gloss or matte finish varnish (optional)

NOTE: You may wish to pre-paint the box. Use Gesso or other primer, then paint, then follow these instructions for adding a layer of paper. Watch my Paper Mache Box Painting Video for instructions on painting paper mache items.


1. Tear paper into small pieces (to resemble mosaic chips)

2. Apply glue stick to paper pieces and attach paper pieces to box. OR use decoupage to attach pieces to box. The paper pieces will overlap one another on the edges.
OR use a roller brush to paint a thin layer of glue over the box, lay down the paper pieces; then paint a top coat of glue over the box. To see this method, go to: Paper Mache Box.

3. Create shapes such as the hearts shown on the right by glueing paper pieces to a sheet of paper and then cutting out the desired shape. The pre-made shape can then be glued to the box. Use contrasting colors for the pre-made shapes, so they will stand out against the mosaic papers on the box. We started by making pre-made shapes, but didn't use them for this box.

When finished, spray over the entire box with a finishing spray (gloss or semi-gloss) - or use decoupage.

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