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Ohio Star quilt block
Ohio Star Quilt Block

Ohio Star Quilt Block
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The Ohio Star quilt block is our second in our series of 6 to create a quilted wall hanging for our homes. We, as a group, are going to spend the year quilting together and at the end I hope we will all share our results!

So let’s look into the make-up of the Ohio Star pattern. Just as the Patience Corner was a four patch block, with each patch being made up of 3 pieces, the Ohio Start is also a block made up of patches.

Note from  Visit to see the other quilt blocks in this series.
Ohio Star quilt block It is a nine patch, with 5 of the patches being a simple square of fabric and 4 of the patches' squares made up of four triangles each. I noticed that my original Ohio Star used four of the same squares but added an accent in the center. Of all of the blocks I made in the past, I was happiest with the Ohio Star. So, I copied my fabric pattern as you can see above. However, many other options are available.

All in all, the construction of the Ohio Star is not too difficult, but as you may recall from the Patience Corner, getting all the seams to line up just right does take some careful sewing and pinning! But first let’s take a look at what materials are required.

Materials List

5 – 4 ½" squares (includes ¼" seam allowance all the way around)
16 – 3 3/8" x 3 3/8;" triangles (includes ¼" seam allowance)
Cotton thread for sewing
Quilter’s Straight Pins (with large heads)
Sharp fabric scissors
Template Plastic
Scissors for plastic
Ruler to measure plastic

Recommended by CraftAndFabricLinks: seam ripper, sewing thread scissors (small, sharp scissors made for trimming thread), large sewing ruler, rotary cutter and mat.

Visit CraftAndFabricLinks store for an excellent selection of fabrics.

Decorative Thread for top stitching


1) Begin by cutting out the plastic templates for the square and triangle. Download and print the template I’ve made checking to be sure your square measures
4 ½" on all sides. Remember, the templates include ¼" seam allowance all the way around the piece.
cut template

2) Place the plastic template on the wrong side of your fabric, trace around it with a sharp pencil or white pencil on dark fabrics. Then, cut out your pieces.

Ohio Star Quilt Block 3) Work with your fabrics to determine which block pieces will be in which colors. You may have to replace pieces with another color even after you have them all cut out. Save the ones you’ve cut and replaced. They may work in another quilt block.
4) Once you are sure about your color choices and their locations, it’s time to put the four squares together that are made up of 4 triangles each. It’s always best to sew the smallest pieces together first and then join them with the larger or longer ones. assemble pieces

5) So start by pinning two of the four neighboring triangles together.

6) Pin the remaining two together.

pin pieces pin pieces

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