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flower magnet

Sunny Day Magnet

beautiful flower magnets

add spring color to your home

project by Aleah Sherrod

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Flower Magnets

Self-adhesive magnets make quick work of creating decorative magnets. Add self-adhesive flowers or other embellishment of your choice.

Use ready made flowers, or make your own out of fabric or paper. If you prefer to make your own embellishment, cut flowers or other shapes from scrapbook paper and add beads or bling to further dress up your magnets. The possibilities are endless.

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magnets (I used Aleene's magnetic Tacky Dots™)

self-adhesive flower or other embellishment - or cut from fabric or paper

glue (if you do not use self adhesive decoration and magnets)
flower magnet supplies


1.  Peel Off Adhesive

Peel the adhesive off the top of the magnet.
adhesive on magnet 2.  Stack Magnets(optional)

If you wish to have a thicker magnet, simply stack two together. The adhesive on the one underneath will hold the upper magnet in place. Or you can just use the sticky side of one magnet to stick to your decorative item (in this case the flower is sticky as well).
stack magnets to increase thickness
3.  Apply Decoration

Remove pad from adhesive side of magnet. Press decorative item onto adhesive side of magnet (or use glue if your embellishment and / or magnets are not the self-adhesive type.
attach flower Finished Magnet

Create magnets based on room type (baby's room, kitchen, etc.) or use holiday / seasonal theme.

The photo on the right shows the back side (magnet side) or our decorative magnet.

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