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Lounge / Futon

Cushion Cover

with sunflower applique

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lounge cushion cover pattern
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Page 3: create cover: mitered corners and envelope back opening
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Sew Cushion Cover

1. Hem Back Pieces

envelope back opening cushion cover The first step in sewing your cover together is to hem the edges of what will be the opening on the BACK piece. For each back piece: turn under 1/4" and press (along the width). Turn under an additional 1.75" and press. Stitch across, creating a hem.

NOTE: you can use the already hemmed edge of the sheet if it is attached to the smaller piece. When overlapped, the smaller piece will be at the top and will come over the larger piece. Refer to the diagram.

2. Sew Together Cushion Back

cushion cover pattern Use a large table or the floor to pin your cover's three pieces together (one front piece and two back pieces). Layer your pieces as follows: place the front piece on your table, right side up.

Next, place the top piece of the cover back on top of the front piece, wrong side up, lining up the raw edges with the raw edges of the front piece.

For your top layer, lay the large cover back piece over the other two layers, overlapping the hemmed edges of the two back pieces, and lining up the raw edges with the front piece's raw edges. Refer to the diagram.

Carefully pin all three layers together. Stitch around all four sides.

3. Miter Corners - Method 1

mitered corner cushion cover pattern To make mitered corners on the cover, pull out all four of the corners of the cover, on both sides of the side seam (pulling out the little points). Measure and sew a 3" line (or line that has a length equal to the thickness of your cushion) perpendicular to the side and bottom seam. Trim off the point, leaving a .25" seam allowance (refer to method 2 for a photo of the trimmed miter stitch). Repeat on the other corners of the cover. This easy method of mitered corners can be used for pillows, and any place that calls for a mitered corner. Refer to the photo.

mitered corner cushion coverTurn your cover right side out. Your miter seam should be perpendicular to the side and bottom/top seams.

Miter Corners - Method 2

sewing mitered corner I used to use method 1, above, to make mitered corners. I now this this method, because I feel it is much simpler. Either method is fine and both make nice miters. For this method, measure the depth of the cushion and divide the measurement by 2. My cushion was 3" deep, so my measurement will be 3 divided by 2, which is 1.5". Draw a square on each corner of your cover that is the size of your measurement. I drew a 1.5" square on each corner.

cut mitered corner Next, cut 1/4" inside the the lines you just drew for your square. The drawn lines will be your stitch line - don't cut the stitch line off!

cut cushion mitered corner Line up the seams and stitch across using the visible part of our line as a guide.

trim the stitched miter Trim the mitered seam to .25" (1/4").

cushion slip cover Turn cover right side out. Slip cushion into bag. To help secure the opening, you can add velcro along the edges of the opening.

I had fun making this cushion cover, and I have even more fun enjoying it beside the pool.

Futon Cover

futon cover free pattern A visitor sent this photo of the futon cover she made, using my directions.

This is a Japanese shikifuton. It's a mattress for sleeping at night, and can be folded and put in the closet during the day. In our small house, it helps with allowing an extra room when we need it. I used the Lounge Chair Cushion Cover pattern to make a sheet for my husband's futon, and only needed to adjust my measurements slightly. The futon measures 78" long, 36" wide and 3" thick. I had enough left over to piece a matching pillowcase for him too, and will now be making covers for myself and each of our children.

It fits perfectly, my husband says it looks perfect, and it keeps it cleaner now. Thanks to the original pattern designer *, it's great for a twin size futon!

Julia G., Lexington, Kentucky

A special thanks to Julia for sending in this photo.

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Page 3: create cover: mitered corners and envelope back opening
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