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Lounge / Futon

Cushion Cover

with sunflower applique

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lounge cushion cover pattern
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Create Sunflower Applique

temporary placement sunflower applique Follow the transfer web (fusible adhesive) instructions to adhere the fusible web to the wrong side of your petals and flower center fabrics. Use my pattern to draw the flower petals and center onto the paper that is adhered to the fabric. Cut out all fabric pieces.


My free lesson will teach you how to create an intricate applique the easy way!

Go to free applique lesson

ribbon placement For the general layout of the flower on the cushion cover, place the FRONT of the cover over your cushion. Pin the stem ribbon onto the cover front. Slip the leaf ribbon pieces UNDER the stem. Pin the paper flower (petal placement pattern) onto the cover front, on top of the stem. Decide where the flower looks best. Adjust position as necessary. When satisfied with placement, remove the paper flower and stitch around all four sides of the stem ribbon so that it is firmly sewn to lounge cover front, and leaf pieces are caught underneath.

transfer web Draw petals and flower center on to the paper side of the fusible web. Press with iron to adhere web to wrong side of fabric.

petal placement Cut out petals and flower center. Peel the paper backing off the petals and flower center. Place the petals onto the cover front, then place the flower center over the petals. Use an iron to press the flower parts onto the cover front.

Use an applique stitch (narrow satin stitch) around petals and flower center. Use stabilizer on the wrong side of the cover front. The stabilizer will allow your machine to create a nice, even satin stitch. Without stabilizer, fabric tends to bunch up, and the finished product will not be nearly as nice.

applique stitch   applique stabilizer

tie leaf ribbon The leaf ribbons are caught under the stem when the stem is sewn, but the leaf pieces are not sewn down all the way around. Leave their ends free. Tie them in a french knot so they become 3 dimensional leaves.

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Page 2: applique
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