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lounge cover pattern

Lounge / Futon
Cushion Cover

with sunflower applique

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sunflower applique

Details make the difference. We provide a free pattern for the appliqued sunflower. The stem and leaves are made from ribbon. Ribbon is tied around the stem to create 3 dimensional "leaves".

Use this easy-to-make slip cover to dress up your lounge cushion or cover your futon mattress. Our pattern uses only one twin flat sheet. We bought our sheet at Walmart for $4. Can't beat that!

With mitered corners and envelope back opening, your cover is easily removed for laundering. Dress up your lounge cushion or futon with a new cushion cover!

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Supply List

One twin flat sheet (I bought mine at Walmart for $4 in March 2011)

Scraps of fabric for sunflower petals (a 2 " x 6" piece of fabric is enough)

Small scrap of fabric for sunflower center

5/8" Ribbon: 8" piece for each leaf (trim to desired length after tying); ribbon stem piece cut to desired length (mine was 14").

1/8 yard Fusible Web (also called transfer web - for applique)

Stabilizer (for applique)

Applique Thread


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Flower Layout
Print 4 copies of the pattern.

Sunflower Pattern


My lounge cushion measures 25 inches in width, and has a length of 80 inches. NOTE: I measured from side seam to side seam for total width, and I measured from the seam at the head to the seam at the foot of the lounge cushion for total length. I will use my measurements for this pattern. You will need to adjust your pattern to fit your own lounge. The concepts and directions work for many sizes.

My twin sheet measured 66 inches x 96 inches, which was enough to cover one lounge. You will need to check the measurement of your twin sheet to be sure it is large enough for your lounge cushion (cushions tend to be similar in size, so you should not have any problem).


NOTE:   If using a new sheet, PREWASH AND DRY YOUR SHEET! This will shrink the sheet.

Adjust your length and width measurements to include seam allowances and a bit extra room (you want your cover to fit nicely, but not so tight that it is difficult to get the cushion into the cover). In my example, my measurements were 25 inches x 80 inches. I will add 1 inch to both length and width for seam allowances, plus 1 inch for added room. Therefore, my width must now be 27 inches.

Fold your sheet lengthwise. Cut off the folded edge, leaving a width of 27 inches.

Separate the two layers. One will become your front piece and one will become the back piece. I found that using my big sewing ruler, a rotary cutter and cutting mat worked best.
Refer to diagram 1 below.
cut fabric

FRONT PIECE: The length of my cushion is 80 inches. Therefore, the length to cut my top piece of fabric is 82 inches. My top fabric piece measures 27 inches x 82 inches.

BACK PIECE: The back of the cover is in two pieces. The pieces are overlapped about 2 inches, and the edges that overlap are hemmed. This creates a nicely finished opening for the cushion to slip into. The overlapping and hems must be calculated into the total length to be cut for the back piece. Add 2 inches for overlapping, plus 4 more inches for hems. For the back piece, I will need a total length of 88 inches. I kept the upper hemmed edge of the sheet because that saved me from having to hem one piece.

Now, cut across the back piece, 14 inches from the top. You will now have one small piece and one large piece.
Refer to diagram 2 below.
cut fabric

Remember, it is always easy to take in seams if the cover is a bit too loose - it is NOT easy to make it larger, once cut. If in doubt, cut it a bit on the large side. A GOOD RULE TO REMEMBER: You can measure twice and cut once, or measure once and cut twice (to avoid mistakes measure, and then measure again!).

sewing pattern lounge cover
Diagram 1
sewing pattern lounge cover
Diagram 2

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