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Create A Robe Pattern

Turn a tee shirt pattern into a robe!

DIY robe pattern
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Make Your Own Robe!

Lesson by: Christina Sherrod

Using your own sweatshirt or tee shirt pattern, you can make a button-up robe with side pockets. It is easy to alter patterns to make just about anything. I used a basic pull-over sweatshirt pattern as a start up guide to make this child's comfy, button-up robe - with pockets!

By using a favorite tee shirt or sweatshirt pattern as a guide, and making changes like those shown on this page, you can create your own custom pattern.

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Create Your Pattern

Follow these steps to convert your sweatshirt pattern into a robe pattern.

These instructions are assuming a .25" (1/4") seam allowance.

Draw Your Main Pattern Pieces

To start, trace the sweatshirt or tee shirt pattern onto butcher paper. I used an actual pattern. Merely tracing a tee shirt is not really very accurate. Trace the front, back and sleeve pattern pieces.

Cut the neck opening a bit larger in the front.

NOTE: If you wish to add pockets, refer to instructions for side seam pockets in my free online sewing book.

center front robe Draw a line down the center of the front section. Fold the front pattern piece lengthwise down the center and mark center. Redraw 1/2 of the front piece, adding 1 inch to the center side (this adds .75 inches, plus a .25" seam allowance).

robe back pattern Add to the length of the pattern, as needed for the length of the robe. Widen the piece at the base to allow for walking. Add the same length to the back piece as you added to the front. The side seams of the back must be exactly the same length as the side seam of the front. Be sure to allow for a hem. Refer to the sketches.

Create Facing Pattern Pieces

robe pattern You will need a facing for the neckline and center front sections. This is due to the fact that you will not be adding ribbing to the neck, and you will need to finish off the center front for buttons and button holes. Place a new piece of paper over your front and back pattern pieces. Trace a facing that runs around the edge of the pattern pieces. See figure below. The figure shows how the facing fits to the original pattern piece.

Cut Fabric Pieces

Using facing pattern pieces, cut facings and interfacing for your facings. Cut two opposite facings and two opposite interfacings (see next paragraph).

Cut two opposite front pieces from your outer fabric (fold your fabric lengthwise, then place the pattern piece onto the fabric and cut through both layers - this will give you a right and left piece).

Cut out two sleeves from your fabric. Your sleeves can be finished with a hem, or ribbing. Go to Ribbing Lesson

Cut out back piece.

Sew front and back robe pieces together at shoulder seams.

Sew sleeves into place at shoulders. Go to Sleeve Lesson

Sew side seams of robe.

Sew front facings to back facing, right sides together. Add interfacing (if you want it). You will now have one long facing that will run around the entire inside edge of the robe (across the back neckline and down the two front center areas). Sew the facing to the robe, right sides together. Turn robe right side out. Press.

Line up the original center lines of the front. Remember that we added 1" beyond the center of each front piece. This would have created an overlap of 2", except that each side has a 1/4" hem, which uses up 1/2 inch. Your overlap area should be 1.5". This strip will be used for buttons and buttonholes. Add buttons and buttonholes. For lessons on buttonholes, refer to Buttonholes in our free sewing book.

Hem the bottom and sleeves (or add ribbing to the sleeves).

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