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Trick Or Treat Bag

holiday tote, groceries, travel

roomy front pocket / contrast straps

trick or treat bag pattern
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Trick Or Treat Bag

Designer: Christina Sherrod

This easy-to-make totebag is perfect for Halloween trick or treat, day travel, carrying toys, or shopping. Use holiday fabrics to create an adorable holiday tote. The instructions are based off of my super easy tote. The construction of this bag follows a different sequence due to the added front pocket and contrast straps.

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Size Of Tote Bag

mitered corners on totebag overall size: approximately 11.5" wide x 14" high x 3" deep

The following photo shows the mitered corners on the bag bottom. This dimension can be changed. My instructions create a 3" depth to the bag.


Project Supplies

Bag main body: 1 piece of canvas or duck cloth measuring 15" x 34"

Pocket: 1 piece of fabric measuring 8" high x 8" long (8" square)

Straps: 2 stips of fabric, each measuring 3.5" wide by 53" long (or use 1" webbing - used for straps on totes)

Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)


All seams are 1/4"

1. Cut Fabric Pieces

Cut out the main body piece: follow the instructions for easy totebag to cut out the main body piece. Optional: to help prevent fraying, serge or stitch around outer edge of main piece.

Cut the piece for the pocket; cut the pieces for the straps.

2. Pocket Construction

pocket hem Press under 1/4" on the top of the pocket piece. Press under another 1/4". Repeat on the bottom of the piece. Topstitch the top hem. Leave the side edges unfinished.

3. Stitch Pocket To Bag

place pocket on totebag Fold the main piece across the width; press, or mark the center line with a pin.

Center the pocket, right side up, 1.5" from the fold line of the bag piece. The pocket will lie on the bottom front of the bag when the bag is finished. The 1.5" gap will become part of the bottom of the bag.

Stitch across the bottom edge of the pocket, 1/8" from the bottom edge. Baste the sides of the pocket into place, close to the edge. Leave the top of the pocket unstitched.

4. Partially Hem Bag Top

Press under 1/4" along each short end of the main bag piece. Press under another 1/4" on each short end of the bag piece. Top stitch the hem on each end of the bag, but LEAVE 2" UNSTITCHED ON EACH END OF THE HEM. The side hems will be stitched later.

5. Attach Straps

stitch tote bag strapsCut two strap pieces, each measuring 3.5" x 53".

Strap 1: Press under each long side 1/4". Fold the strap wrong sides together, lengthwise. Top stitch around all four sides, 1/8" from the edge.

Place strap 1 onto the main bag piece so that the two ends are 1/4" beyond the center fold line. Fold the straps as shown on the easy totebag instructions. I placed my strap ends approximately 3" from the bag sides. It doesn't matter where, exactly, they are placed, but they need to cover the sides of the pocket. When the straps are stitched into place, the stitching will hold the pocket in place. Pin the strap handle into place.

Stitch over the previous stitching, stitching down 1/8" from the edge on both sides of each strap end.

Strap 2: Press under the two short ends 1/4". Press under each long side 1/4". Fold the strap wrong sides together, lengthwise. Top stitch around all four sides, 1/8" from the edge.

stitch strap 2 to tote bagPlace strap 2 onto the back side of the bag, so that the strap ends cover strap 1 ends 1/4". Pin into place. Stitch into place.

6. Stitch Bag Sides / Create Miter

Unfold the top unstitched hem areas. Fold the bag right sides together. Stitch the side seams, using a 1/4" seam.

miterFollowing the instructions for easy totebag, create the mitered corners at the bottom of the bag.

7. Finish Top Hem

Fold the unstitched hem under on each side of the top of the bag. Topstitch hem into place.

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