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Halloween Cards

foam stamp cards

free Halloween greetings

foam stamp Halloween card project
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Children's Project: foam stamps

Designer: Christina Sherrod

It's easy to create beautiful watercolor images with foam stamps. Make your own Halloween greeting cards or party invitations. I also supply a sample Halloween greeting. These cards are easy and fun to create. Make it a family project!

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With foam stamping, ink, watercolors or other paints are applied directly to the stamp. The stamp is then pressed to the paper. Make your cards any size you wish. Choose the appropriate sized stamp for your project.


card making tools

Craft Paint - I used black and neon orange "Plaid Craft Paint" (see photo below). I also used watercolor pens to add detail. See our free card instructions for examples of watercolor pens. 

Watercolor Brush Pens (optional): Used for filling in areas on the card or adding detail.

Watercolor Pencils (optional): Used for adding detail - fill in areas with these pencils, then lightly brush over with water and you have a "watercolor painting". 

Brushes (optional): synthetic or natural fiber - use for filling in your designs

Dish: Used for mixing paints with each other or with water. 

Cardstock: Cardstock can be purchased in a large package at a chain craft store. Mine came as 8.5" x 11" sheets. I cut it down the center, widthwise, then folded to create cards. Each card measured 5.5" x 4.25". I purchased envelopes at a large discount paper supply warehouse. 

Stamps:   Large foam stamps

Paper:   Used for displaying the the holiday greeting - I chose a nice resume quality paper for the interior greeting (also purchased in bulk at a paper warehouse). 

Watercolor Pencils:   Easy to use! Just color in with these pencils, then lightly brush over with water and you have a "watercolor painting". 

Dish: Used for mixing paints with each other or with water

Paper cutter:   Not a must, but nice to have. 

Scissors & Paper Edgers:   Craft scissors and edgers to add decorative edges to cards, stationery, etc. 

Glue & Adhesives:   Glue sticks, craft glue, foam glue, wood glue, bead glue, iron-on adhesives etc., depending on your project. 

Double-sided tape   Fiskars double-sided adhesive (I LOVE this stuff!)

Computer Printer:   Use for printing greeting text or images to paint with pens.

NOTE: You will not need all of the items above. For basic cards, scissors, small paint brush, a mixing dish, water, foam stamps, cardstock, and paint are all that are needed. The other items are optional.


1. Assemble Supplies

Brushes, craft paints, watercolor pens (or felt tip markers), double sided tape (or glue stick - I prefer double sided tape), scissors, paper cutter (easier to cut a straight line than using scissors), paint tray, dish of water, paper towels, printed greetings, various colors of card stock or construction paper. 

2. Cut Cardstock & Papers

Cut the card stock to the desired size for your cards. The finished size of my cards (when folded) was 4.25" x 5.5". Once you know your card size, cut various colors of paper and card stock to use as decoration. Layering colors adds a nice touch, and helps make your designs stand out.

3.Create The Card Front 

Squeeze a bit of paint into your tray. Add just enough water to your brush to get it wet. Lay the brush on the paper towel to soak up excess moisture. Dip your brush into the paint, then brush the paint onto the stamp. Stamp the image onto your card stock or paper. 

NOTE: Be sure to wash the stamp right away. Dish soap and water works well. Always clean the stamps and brushes before putting them away.

While waiting for the paint to dry, attach layers of colored paper or card stock to the card front. Experiment with the number of layers, colors, shapes etc. use double sided tape or a glue stick to attach the layers together.

When the paint is dry, use the double sided tape (or glue) to adhere the painted piece to your card's front. 


I used a text program to create my Halloween greetings. I set the columns to "2", typed a greeting and then copied and pasted it several times onto the page. "Scribble" and "Scratch" fonts are fun to use; there are several fonts that work well. Cut out your greeting, attach it to a decorative piece of paper or card stock, then adhere it to the interior of your card. greeting (you are free to use):

Witches, goblins, ghouls and more
Will come a-knocking at your door.
If you have some treats prepared,
There's no reason to be scared.

Have a fun Halloween!

Free "Stamp"

free printable pumpkin Feel free to print and use our pumpkin as a "stamp". Cut it out and glue to card stock, or print directly to cardstock.

To learn how to make a wood pumpkin for your yard using this pumpkin design, go to: Wood Pumpkin Pattern.

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